Latest TV spots for The Rise of Skywalker tease “the rest” of Rey’s story

Throughout the sequel trilogy, Rey has been wondering who she is and how she fits in to this story, waiting for her parents to return.

In The Last Jedi, however, it was revealed that Rey’s parents were nobodies – a fact important to remember, since Rey herself was the one who admitted this. This was the best and most powerful answer to the question, but it seems J.J. Abrams might not be totally satisfied in Rey being powerful just because she’s powerful.

Abrams has repeatedly said that he will honor the choices that Rian Johnson made in TLJ, but he has also said that there’s “more to the story” regarding Rey’s parents. A few recent TV spots really tease that. You can take a look at these 15 second spots, “She” and “Secret”, below:

The only new footage included in these short spots are glimpses of Kylo Ren and Rey in the Pasaana desert:

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The shot of Kylo is him standing and staring at something off-screen (I’m assuming it’s Rey), and he’s standing in front of a crashed ship. My initial guess would be that it’s his TIE Whisper, but it looks like we see it crashed on Ahch-To in another shot… so does Kylo just have multiple of these lying around, or is this ship a different one?

The shot of Rey is even more interesting, as we see her hand, palm open and facing upward, with dust/smoke coming off of it as she looks at it shocked, and then looks up. Something happened here that shocks Rey, and with her looking at her hand that way, I wonder if it’s a display of her power that surprises her (and maybe Kylo too?).

While those are the only new shots, the new dialogue is what is most interesting about these two TV spots. In the “She” TV spot, we hear a voiceover from Palpatine saying, “It is time that she learn her story.” Then in the “Secret” TV spot, we hear a voiceover from Kylo saying, “I know who you are. I know the rest of your story.”

So these two TV spots are basically screaming that there’s still more to be learned about Rey’s lineage, and that shouldn’t be surprising since Abrams said there’s more to the story. But what is interesting to me is that the two voices we hear teasing this are Palpatine and Kylo.

But what is the rest of the story? To know for sure, we’re just going to have to wait and see the film. But I am quite confident that Rey isn’t a Skywalker, as I can’t really see how she could be the daughter of Luke or of Leia. So I think we can rule that one out. I also doubt that she’s a Kenobi, as that would be totally out of nowhere. I guess it’s possible, but I just really don’t see it at all. To speculate, I have then three theories (to be totally clear, all three are totally just my speculation):

  • Rey is a Palpatine. Back when The Force Awakens was released, Rey being a Palpatine was one of the theories (based in part on her fighting style), and the theme of the villain being the descendant of the heroes and the hero being the descendant of the villain would be poetic. I had pretty much disregarded this theory… but then Palpatine was brought back, Abrams teased more to the story, and Palpatine himself seems to know the rest of that story. So I guess it’s possible that Rey is a descendant of Darth Sidious?
  • Rey is a creation of the Force. Anakin Skywalker was born without a father, and the implication is that the midichlorians were manipulated to create his life. Could the same be true of Rey? This would seemingly be the easiest way of adding more to the story while still honoring what TLJ did, as her parents truly could be nobodies – but Rey, while physically descending from her parents, was created by the will of the Force.
  • Rey killed her parents. A theory that has also been held by Star Wars fans is that she killed her parents unknowingly, and that she doesn’t remember it. This would probably be a bit too dark of a turn for her character, but in these TV spots she does look concerned by her power, so it might fit.

I’m not really sure which way the film is going to go. But it’s pretty obvious that Abrams feels the need to add his own input to this discussion of Rey’s parents, and we’ll apparently learn the rest of her story in just a few days when The Rise of Skywalker is released. I’m just really hoping that Abrams does in fact honor what TLJ did.

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