What we learned from the new The Rise of Skywalker clip released in the Fortnite event!

On Saturday afternoon, Star Wars came to Fortnite with an event themed around the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker!

You can read about the event here, which included appearances in-game from J.J. Abrams and the Millennium Falcon, as well as a voiceover from Palpatine. But perhaps most pertinent to our purposes was a brand new clip that debuted in the game. There’s not an officially released version of it online, but IGN managed to capture it:

In the clip, we see Rey, Finn, and Poe arrive on a Star Destroyer and blast their way into a hangar, then make their way down a hallway where they encounter two stormtroopers. It’s here where Rey uses the Jedi mind trick on them to get the heroes past, and Poe leans over to Finn and asks, “Does she do that to us?”

This clip looks good, and I think there’s actually a few interesting things to note about it.

  • They arrive in a different ship. We’ve seen the shot of Rey, Finn, and Poe blasting their way down the ramp into the Star Destroyer hangar before, but this is the first time we’ve seen the ship they’re emerging from – and it’s not the Falcon! So what ship is this? My best guess is that this ship probably belongs to Zorri. But it’s also possible that this is just an entirely new ship they come across somewhere.
  • But where’s the Falcon? And where’s Chewie? So here’s where I’ll really do some inferring and reading between the lines, but it’s really interesting to me. So hang with me on everything we know so far: Rey, Finn, and Poe infiltrate a Star Destroyer, but they don’t arrive on the Falcon – though the Falcon rescues Rey from the Destroyer. Finn, Poe, and Chewie blast their way down a hallway, but Chewie is conspicuously missing his bandolier and bowcaster. So here’s what I’m wondering: are Chewie and the Falcon captured at some point in the film? Is this actually a desperate rescue attempt?

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