The Mandalorian has officially begun production!

Lucasfilm officially announced tonight that The Mandalorian has begun production!

The first ever Star Wars live-action TV show, The Mandalorian is being headed up by Jon Favreau – who revealed the name and basic plot last night on Instagram!

In addition to that plot synopsis, Lucasfilm announced the directors and executive producers tonight.  As was reported by Making Star Wars, Dave Filoni will indeed be directing the pilot episode of the show, which is really exciting!  Additionally, Deborah Chow (Jessica Jones), Rick Famuyiwa (Dope), Bryce Dallas Howard (Solemates), and Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) will be directing episodes of the show.  Notably, Deborah Chow and Bryce Dallas Howard will be among the first female directors in the Star Wars franchise.  Additionally, Marvel’s Taika Waititi will be directing an episode too – which is exciting, especially since Thor: Ragnarok turned out so well.

Jon Favreau will write the show, of course, and Favreau, Dave Filoni, Kathleen Kennedy, and Colin Wilson will executive produce it, while Karen Gilchrist is the co-executive producer of the show.

I absolutely cannot wait for this show, and it’s exciting that it has begun production!  I am also very excited to see that Dave Filoni is so involved in the show, both as an episodic director and as an executive producer (which, by the way, helps bring about a powerhouse lineup of executive producers!).  Does that give us any hints about certain things that may show up (like Sabine or Ahsoka or…)?  I’m not sure that it necessarily means that, though they surely wouldn’t tell those stories without Filoni’s involvement.  But no matter what the case, to see Dave Filoni this involved can only mean good things!

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