Breaking down the second trailer for Star Wars: Resistance

Recently a new trailer for Star Wars: Resistance dropped, and it plays up the threat of the First Order and the quest of the Resistance.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can check it out below:

While I thought the first trailer for Resistance was fine, this second trailer is much better and is how they should have marketed the show all along.  There will always be trolls who get upset and cry that there’s something Star Wars geared more toward kids (without realizing that Star Wars has always been that way), but for most reasonable people this trailer provides plenty of intriguing hints that should drive anticipation for the show up – if for no other reason than the period of rich storytelling potential.

With the show premiering on Sunday night, let’s jump in and take a look at some of what we learned from the trailer:

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The trailer begins with several quick shots of ships and pilots, counting down from five as if to begin a race.  It certainly plays up the racing aspect of the show, which is something that we’ll likely see in the very first week.  We once again hear Kaz say, “Can you imagine what it’s like to be an ace pilot?”  Then Neeku responds, “This is your chance to make that dream come true!”

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.33.26 PM

X-Wings!  This is exciting!  And as many have pointed out, could these be the T-85 X-Wings?  We haven’t seen the look of those yet, and while we don’t have confirmation that these are that model, it makes a lot of sense.  The T-85 X-Wings were used by the New Republic and were a later model of X-Wing starfighters, and these look to be New Republic X-Wings.  It will be really exciting to see the New Republic in action, including with their newer X-Wing model.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.33.35 PM

There also is a new TIE Fighter model that we haven’t seen before.  It looks like a red First Order TIE Interceptor, likely belonging to Major Vonreg.  We haven’t seen First Order Interceptors either, but this looks to be confirmation that they exist – or at least one of them does.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.33.47 PM

In the first trailer we got a look at Kaz in his New Republic flight suit, which gave the impression that he was a part of the New Republic Defense Fleet.  It is noteworthy that it appears that Kaz is flying that X-Wing and firing upon the red TIE Interceptor, incapacitating it momentarily as it looks like other X-Wings are escaping.  So we might get introduced to Kaz during his time in the New Republic, and his heroics (maybe in this mission in particular) catch the eye of Poe Dameron.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.34.49 PM

Poe tells Kaz, “You’ve got something special.  I see it.”  The way he emphasises that – that he sees it – maybe suggests that Kaz has been under-appreciated and unnoticed by many in the New Republic.  That might be what makes him especially interested in the fact that the Resistance actually has a mission for him.  That mission is, as Poe says, to “Blend in.  Find out who’s loyal to the good guys and who isn’t.”  Like Poe Dameron once did, it looks like Kazuda Xiono will leave the New Republic fleet to join the Resistance.

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There are plenty of shots of Kaz and his allies spying.  We see BB-8 and Kaz hiding and peeking their heads out of a container, we see Kaz in a cantina-like environment suspiciously watching a number of aliens, we see an alien pointing a gun as BB-8 hides, and we see Kaz, BB-8, and Torra Doza on what looks to be behind enemy lines.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.36.54 PM

First Order stormtroopers!

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Torra Doza tells Kaz, “Kazuda!  Good luck on tomorrow’s race!”  Kaz responds, “I don’t need luck,” and we then hear Neeku saying, “Being an ace pilot is not all fun and games.  It can be dangerous!”  And Torra says, “Just don’t explode!”  We then, of course, see a ship beginning to explode and malfunction.

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This gives us our first look at Hype Fazon, voiced by Donald Faison, who is an alien pilot who also operates from the Colossus.  We see him bragging to another pilot that, “You can’t handle the Hype!”  I’m excited to see more of Hype; he seems to be the cool, arrogant pilot of the show.

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Interestingly, we see a giant sea monster who appears to cause havoc for some of the racers.  But does this happen during one of the races – and if so, is it prompted or unprompted?  In other words, is it something that is provoked to make the race more difficult, or does it emerge unprovoked at some time and requires the pilots to help neutralize the threat?

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.40.48 PM

This looks to be the same alien from earlier with his gun drawn while BB-8 was hiding, and here he’s with a number of First Order stormtroopers looking at a panel that looks to be malfunctioning and about to explode.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.41.06 PM

Then there’s this shot of Poe and BB-8 avoiding an explosion as they run away.  From the looks of this trailer, we might see more of Poe Dameron than I was expecting, which is pretty exciting!

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.41.39 PM

Speaking of Poe, we see him in the cockpit of an X-Wing saying, “When people are in need, we help.”  That’s what the Resistance is trying to do.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.41.21 PM

In an asteroid belt, these strange-looking new ships are shown.  I wonder who they belong to and what they’re doing?

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It’s worth noting: those racing ships have blasters, and they aren’t afraid to use them.

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Torra emphasises, “I’m an ace pilot!  I’ve battled pirates, and marauders!”  We knew that there would be a pirate attack thanks to one of the early episode descriptions, but these pirates might become quite interesting.  It sounds like the local racers may also serve as defenders of the Colossus, fending off pirates and marauders, but these pirates are getting tougher.  That’s what an officer tells Yeager: “Pirate strategies have been changing… They’re better prepared.  They have better equipment.  And I don’t know how.”  I think it’s safe to say that we may know how: it might be thanks to the First Order.  We know that Kaz is tasked with finding out who is sympathetic to the First Order on the Colossus, which indicates that there are indeed some people.  And if the First Order helps pirates and marauders, they may supply them with resources in exchange for power.  So as the heroes find the pirates more difficult to fend off, perhaps Kaz’s real mission will become much more interesting.  Also worth noting is that these pirates ride bikes, one of them has a staff similar to those we’ve seen before, and there’s a Trandoshan!

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.47.23 PM

This is my favorite shot in the trailer, and it’s beautiful!  Starkiller Base, with Star Destroyers in orbit!  With this show set just six months or so before the events of The Force Awakens, it is pretty clear that the First Order is already established, and Starkiller Base has already been built.  I don’t expect to see a whole lot of it in this show, at least early on, but then again I didn’t expect to see it in a trailer either!  One of the things that most excites me about the show is the chance to explore more about the First Order and Resistance and New Republic and all that, so seeing Starkiller Base is not just a beautiful shot but very intriguing as well.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.47.35 PM

Is this another First Order weapon?  It generates a unique explosion as X-Wings fly away, like from an asteroid base in the unknown regions.

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There’s another shot of the red First Order TIE Interceptor, and it is accompanying a First Order Command Shuttle (it might very well be Kylo Ren’s, as we have wondered before, but we can’t say for sure right now).  It looks to be at the same location as the previous shot.

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LEIA!  This trailer gives us a look at General Leia Organa, and it is wonderful.  Poe hands Leia a datacard and tells her, “General, the First Order is clearly making weapons.”  Then, as Rachel Butera absolutely nails Leia’s voice, Leia says, “We’re gonna need all the help we can get.”  So it is possible that Starkiller Base’s role in this show is because the Resistance is beginning to discover that the First Order is making large-scale weaponry, which could drive them to try to figure out as much as possible.  I don’t expect Leia to be a main character, but she will be a major one whether on screen or not, as her presence looms large.

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At the same location as seen earlier (which looks to be a base of sorts in an asteroid field in the unknown regions), the Resistance forces (including Poe Dameron) confront the First Order forces (including the red TIE Interceptor).  That will be very interesting, and I cannot wait to see more of it!

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.49.48 PM

This is Commander Pyre, who is the golden stormtrooper we saw in a previous trailer.

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There’s a shot of Poe Dameron (who looks to be behind enemy lines) running from First Order stormtroopers and firing at them, and then a little later we see Poe on a walkway that begins to crumble.  He leaps for the edge and grabs Kaz’s hand, who is sitting on the top of the ledge with BB-8.  Again, it looks like Poe may play a more significant role in the show than was expected – but that’s not a bad thing!

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.51.24 PM

This is our first look at Captain Phasma in the show, and we hear her saying, “I want this station completely destroyed!”  We see shots soon after this of the Colossus station officer watching explosions, so it’s possible that Phasma is referring to the Colossus here.

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We see First Order stormtroopers running on a walkway and firing down at Kaz as he tries to escape, and then there’s another sequence of a rotating turret on a ceiling firing at Kaz, Torra, and BB-8 as they try to flee a trash area.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.55.50 PM

Kaz doesn’t just fly X-Wings or those racers – he also rides these bikes!

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Yeager is wearing his flight helmet and flying a ship, and he says, “You showing up always means trouble,” to which Poe Dameron (also in a ship’s cockpit) replies, “I know you missed me.”  That’s significant given Yeager’s history.  He flew for the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War, so it’s likely that he has some history with Leia.  It sounds like he also has some history with Poe, too, and has perhaps helped loosely at times before.  I’m interested in seeing just how involved Yeager gets as the show goes on.  We’ve heard him tell Kaz that he wants nothing to do with the young kid’s spying mission, but I wonder how long that will last.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.58.22 PM

This might be a continuation of that shot we saw earlier, of the X-Wings fleeing an explosion, but right here it’s a much bigger and more significant explosion than in the shot we saw before.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.58.48 PM

Phasma in action!  We see the First Order captain running and firing her blaster, as a couple of stormtroopers tail behind her and do the same.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.59.00 PM

We had heard that one of the racers on the Colossus was a former TIE Fighter pilot from the Galactic Civil War, and so I’d guess that this is him!  One of the racers puts on an old, battle-worn Imperial TIE Pilot helmet as he’s running through the hallway.

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