Matt Martin confirms timeline of Star Wars: Resistance

In August, a user on Twitter found evidence on the Star Wars website that Star Wars: Resistance will be set six months before The Force Awakens.

And while Lucasfilm creative executive Matt Martin didn’t exactly confirm that, he did confirm the timeline of the show relative to other material.

The translation of that is this: the Poe Dameron comic series (issues 1-25) take place before Resistance, which takes place before The Force Awakens, which obviously takes place before The Last Jedi.  So this show certainly seems to be around that six-month pre-TFA era.

The last six issues of the Poe Dameron comic took place during and after the events of The Last Jedi, filling in some gaps, but the first 25 issues fill in some gaps leading up to The Force Awakens.  At the end of those story arcs in the first 25 issues, the Resistance has found Lor San Tekka and rescued him, hoping that he knows where Luke Skywalker is.  He doesn’t, but he does have an idea, and so he goes off searching to be sure.  That’s the last we hear of him – until it is revealed that he found the map, which sets in motion the events of The Force Awakens.  So it’s likely that this show is set while the Resistance is still awaiting word from Lor San Tekka about Luke’s whereabouts.  Additionally, given the proximity to TFA, it means that Starkiller Base is already built (as seen in the trailer), Supreme Leader Snoke is already leading the First Order, Kylo Ren has already turned to the dark side, etc.  So while we will hopefully get some answers to the First Order’s mysterious backstory, don’t expect a ton of major revelations right away.

Martin made it clear on Twitter that he is not confirming future seasons of Resistance by clarifying “episode 1,” but it is something worth speculating about.  Given how close the timeline is to TFA, it is possible that if Resistance has a multiple-season run, it could begin to overlap the events of the sequel films.  That would create more interesting storytelling possibilities, and could perhaps help bridge the gap between The Last Jedi and Episode IX should the creators wish to do so.

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