New trailer for Young Jedi Adventures released

There are two new Star Wars shows that will be premiering on Disney+ on May 4 (Star Wars Day), and both of them were highlighted today at Star Wars Celebration. The first is Visions Volume 2, which debuted a new trailer, but the other is Young Jedi Adventures – which also debuted a new trailer!

Young Jedi Adventures is an animated series set in the High Republic era and geared toward kids. It follows a group of kids, including Jedi younglings Kai, Lys, and Nubs, as well as the pilot Nash, as they go on adventures together. Grand Master Yoda oversees their training and sends them out on missions, and Yoda also narrates this trailer. It gives us an introduction to these characters, and best of all, it gives us more of Nubs.

One of the cool moments in the trailer that was unexpected was the appearance of the droid SF-R3, known as “Aree”, who is leading the squad along through a forest in one shot. Aree is the ‘host’ of the Galaxy of Creatures Youtube videos on the Star Wars Kids page, so it’s fun seeing him show up here.

Young Jedi Adventures is aimed at young audiences, and I’m excited to think about kids who will be introduced to the Star Wars franchise in this way. It’s also the first series to be set in the High Republic era, to be followed before long by The Acolyte, and I’m excited to follow these adventures. It will air on Disney+ and on Disney Junior, beginning on May 4. While we wait for the premiere, however, a few Youtube shorts have been released introducing us to the characters ahead of the series release.

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