New trailer and poster for Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 released!

Today at Star Wars Celebration a brand new trailer was released for Star Wars: Visions Volume 2, giving us our first look at the upcoming anthology series.

The series is a follow-up to the acclaimed Visions shorts that released in 2021, giving a completely different take on the Star Wars galaxy through the lens of some of the world’s premier anime studios. The shorts are non-canonical, but that allows the storytellers to branch out in different directions and areas, all inspired by different ‘visions’ of the franchise and the themes that underlie it. Volume 2 promises to keep up that same heart while pulling in different studios and different animation styles.

And, from the looks of it, even more lightsaber fights.

The trailer is absolutely stunning visually, and it’s a pure joy to look at. Let’s hope the stories are every bit as good as the animation, and I trust that they will be. Like with Volume 1 I’m sure there will be some episodes that resonate with viewers more than others, but to get a chance to interact with these core themes of the Star Wars franchise in visually gorgeous ways is very exciting.

The first trailer was released at Celebration, and it was made available publicly too.

Additionally, there was a new poster released for the series, which will drop on Disney+ on May 4 in celebration of Star Wars Day. All eight shorts will premiere on the same day, which will give us quite a bit to watch. I’m excited for it.

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