Star Wars: The Bad Batch is returning for a third and final season in 2024!

Based on how the season two finale of The Bad Batch wrapped up it was already obvious that a third season was coming, and that news was made official at Star Wars Celebration today.

But it was also announced that the third season will be the final one for the series. It will be coming to Disney+ in 2024, though we don’t know an exact date for it. Development is far enough along in the process that an exclusive trailer was shown in the room, however. The trailer included plenty of footage of Omega, including scenes of her with Crosshair, and also showed Palpatine arriving on Mount Tantiss and talking about how vital it is (with Ian McDiarmid again voicing him). There were plenty of clones, too, including Wolffe’s return, and Fennec Shand is returning too.

It sounds like we’ll be really diving in to the operations on Tantiss, and that has me particularly excited. Plus it will be terrific to see Wolffe return, as many had been wondering about that since he appears in Rebels with Rex and Gregor (both of whom have shown up in this show). It’s a bit bittersweet that this will be the final season, but it’s really not a surprise and I’m glad that they announced it at this point. That’s what happened with Rebels, too, and it made the hype for season four even better since we knew a lot of this would be wrapped up.

Of course, it’s interesting that at the panel they used the language that this part of the story is ending, which has me wondering if there are plans to continue some of the threads in other ways. But The Bad Batch, as we know it, will be ending next year on Disney+, and if the first two seasons are any indication on where the final season is going, we’re in for quite a treat.

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