The High Republic Phase III kicks off this fall and will run through spring 2025!

At The High Republic panel at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, the obvious highlight was the announcement that Rebecca Morrison will be portraying an older Vernestra Rwoh in The Acolyte, marking the first (known) character to make the jump from the books to this live-action series.

But there were plenty of announcements about the publishing side of the High Republic era, including a pretty thorough lineup of stories for the next two years, taking us through Phase III and to the end of this epic storytelling as we know it.

Phase III of the era will kick off later this year and will run through spring of 2025, at which point the current High Republic publishing initiative as we’ve known it will wrap up – but that will be far from the end of stories happening in this time period. That means we’ve still got another two years full of stories, which is awesome. The third phase will kick off with George Mann’s adult novel The Eye of Darkness, which releases on November 14, 2023. It’s set around one year following the destruction of the Starlight Beacon, an event that marked the end of Phase I before Phase II jumped back into the past. The Eye of Darkness is fittingly titled, as it will be about the Nihil in this post-Starlight galaxy.

Beyond that, there were plenty of other projects from Phase III announced, and I was honestly surprised just how much they revealed about the next two years and what stories are coming. Those projects include:

  • The Eye of Darkness – adult novel by George Mann – November 14, 2023
  • The High Republic comic – by Cavan Scott – first issue releases in December 2023
  • Escape from Valo – middle grade novel by Daniel José Older & Alyssa Wong – January 30, 2024
  • Defy the Storm – young adult novel by Tessa Gratton & Justina Ireland – March 12, 2024
  • Temptation of the Force – adult novel by Tessa Gratton – summer 2024
  • Beware the Nameless – middle grade novel by Zoraida Córdova – summer 2024
  • Tears of the Nameless – young adult novel by George Mann – fall 2024
  • Into the Light – young adult novel by Claudia Gray – spring 2025
  • A Valiant Vow – middle grade novel by Justina Ireland – spring 2025
  • Trials of the Jedi – adult novel by Charles Soule – spring 2025

It’s no accident that Soule is writing the final novel of the Phase III era, as he was also the one who wrote the novel that kicked off Phase I – and the entire High Republic era overall – in January 2021 with Light of the Jedi. There’s an intentional symmetry going on between the start and finish. Charles Soule wrote the first adult novel, and he’s writing the last adult novel. Claudia Gray wrote the first young adult novel, and she’s writing the last young adult novel. Justina Ireland wrote the first middle grade novel, and she’s writing the last middle grade novel. And Cavan Scott will, of course, continue writing The High Republic comic series that he’s been writing since the start.

There will probably be some other stories and announcements that are still to follow in the future, but this is a pretty impressive lineup. It was also alluded to at the panel that they will space out the stories a bit more in Phase III to allow readers a chance to stay up with all of it, but like the first two Phases there will be three waves of stories in this final era. It will be all about the “Trials of the Jedi”, and there was a teaser poster released about that:

The High Republic era is terrific and is filled with tons of great stories and great new characters – including Vernestra Rwoh, who will be appearing in live-action in The Acolyte. It’s been enjoyable to get the ‘prequel’ stories of Phase II, but I’m especially excited about diving back into the story and characters that were started in Phase I when the third and final phase kicks off this fall.

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