Final trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor released!

Today at Star Wars Celebration, a new trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor dropped just weeks ahead of the game’s release, and it looks amazing.

It was introduced at Celebration by game director Stig Asmussen and star Cameron Monaghan (who plays Cal Kestis), who took to the Star Wars Celebration Live! stage in London. They discussed the game and also introduced the trailer, which looks amazing.

It’s the final trailer for the game, which releases in less than three weeks, on April 28, but it’s also my favorite trailer they’ve released too. It includes a ton of exciting footage, all set against a terrific voiceover from Cere in which she says: “You were only a child when they sent you off to war. Now look at you, the weight of a galaxy on your shoulders. I cannot tell you who you must become, or were the line is drawn. There are no easy choices. These are dark times, and we have few allies. The odds are against us, and they will always be against us. But I can tell you this: if there is any hope of surviving, we must stand against the darkness.”

Among the shots glimpsed are Cal on a dusty red world (Moraband, anyone?), some great moments with BD-1 and Merrin, the Imperial Palace on Coruscant (which was formerly the Jedi Temple), a Rancor that Cal has to fight, Rayvis the Gen’dai warrior, droidekas, Cal facing off against someone wielding a double-bladed blue lightsaber, and more. It’s a great look at the game that builds hype… all the while giving almost nothing away about the story itself.

The early reviews of the game, based on those who have gotten to do some play testing, have been extremely positive, and it’s been a long time since a Star Wars game has been this highly-anticipated and this hyped. I can’t wait to play it in just a few weeks, and it looks fantastic.

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