First three shorts of Young Jedi Adventures released!

Star Wars has released the first three shorts from the upcoming Young Jedi Adventures series on YouTube, giving viewers a sneak peak at the new characters introduced in the show.

The first short introduces the main characters of the series: Jedi Padawans Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and the ever-adorable Nubs, the pilot Nash Durango and her droid RJ-83, and the ever-familiar Grand Master Yoda as their teacher. The friends work together before being sent out on a mission by Yoda. The next two shorts focus on particular events the characters must address, responding to obstacles and challenges that arise.

The shorts are adorable, with vibrant yet simple animation accompanied by heartwarming characters and a basic plot. It’s designed for younger audiences, and I imagine it will be a hit. It’s easily engaging and could serve as a good entry point for young fans, plus it’s also the first on-screen series set in the High Republic era of the Star Wars franchise – an exciting new era that the publishing side has been exploring extensively the past two years.

From the sound of it, these three shorts, as well as three others that will soon be posted to YouTube, will arrive on Disney+ on April 26, while the series will then debut on May 4 in celebration of Star Wars Day. The release timeline is still a bit unclear to me, but that’s the best I can tell currently. The series will air on both Disney+ and Disney Junior and is led by showrunner and executive producer Michael Olson. James Waugh, Jacqui Lopez, and Josh Rimes are also executive producers on the series, which stars the voice talents of Jamaal Avery Jr., Juliet Donenfeld, Dee Bradley Baker, Emma Berman, Jonathan Lipow, and Piotr Michael.

You can take a look at these three adorable shorts below:

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