Andor contains a few fun Indiana Jones easter eggs

The first three episodes of Andor introduced us to Luthen Rael as a rebel sympathizer, but episodes 4 and 5 showed us the other side of him: he’s also an antiquities dealer on Coruscant, which serves as a front for his true operations.

Luthen runs Galactic Antiquities and Objects of Interest, and the collection is a Star Wars fan’s dream with a treasure trove of easter eggs. But there are also a couple of easter eggs that are from Lucasfilm’s other pillar franchise, Indiana Jones. There are two in particular that I have caught, and it’s pretty fun to see these pop up in the background.

The first is Indy’s whip, which is frozen in carbonite in the back room of Luthen’s collection. You can see this in the shot below, as it’s the first carbonite block in a row of them. It’s a neat way of including it, as instead of it just sitting on a shelf somewhere, it’s encased in carbonite. But it’s even better since the whip is used by Indiana Jones, who is played by Harrison Ford, who also played Han Solo, who was also frozen in carbonite.

The second are the Sankara Stones, which are also in the back room but less immediately visible. In fact, though you can glimpse them in Episode 4, I didn’t notice them until Episode 5. These stones are the major artifact in Temple of Doom, as they are considered to be sacred fertility stones connected to the worship of the Hindu god Shiva. There were five stones, but two of them were left unaccounted for by the end of the film… and it looks like they made their way to Coruscant! You can see them in the image below, on the top right shelf behind Luthen.

No, this doesn’t make Indiana Jones canon in the Star Wars universe, but it’s a very fun way of connecting these two beloved Lucasfilm franchises.

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