Five of my favorite easter eggs from Andor episode 4

Don’t let anyone tell you that Andor doesn’t have easter eggs to the rest of the Star Wars saga.

It’s packed full of them, but they’re often more subtle and in the background, which is exactly the way they should be. It makes it feel like this is the same galaxy we’re familiar with, even if it’s a bit different.

But Andor episode 4 in particular featured a ton of these easter eggs, and I’m not going to mention them all here. Instead, I’ve decided to mention some of my favorites. One clarification: I decided not to include the mention of Ghorman here, since I’ve written an entire article about that, but I loved that reference. It was an easter egg, but one that more directly ties into the canonical universe than these others.

So let’s look at a few more!


The planet Rakata and its people first showed up in the Knights of the Old Republic video game, and even though that game is considered Legends, the planet has been canon again for a while. But there hasn’t been any story mention or significance about it – until now. As Luthen talks with Cassian aboard his ship, and gives him the crystal necklace, Luthen says that it celebrates an uprising against Rakatan invaders. The Rakatans, at least in Legends, were strong in the dark side of the Force and used that to exert their control over the galaxy.

Starkiller’s Armor

Another Legends pull is a set of armor in the background of the back room in Luthen’s shop. It will probably be obscure to most viewers, but the armor matches the one worn by Starkiller in The Force Unleashed games. In Legends Starkiller was the secret apprentice to Darth Vader, and at one point he wore this ancient Sith armor. Some fans might view this as an indication that Starkiller might become canon again, but I’m not one of them; instead, I think this is probably just a fun nod that canonizes this old Sith armor, but not Vader’s apprentice.

Carbonite Whip

Probably the most fun of all the easter eggs is seen in Luthen’s collection, in the back room, where there’s a block of carbonite – and inside of it looks to be a whip. Specifically, the whip used by Indiana Jones. I love subtle ways like this to bridge these two iconic Lucasfilm franchises.

Twi’lek Kalikori

A kalikori is a precious family heirloom for Twi’leks, something that might be akin to a family tree in our world – only in the form of a tangible object passed down through the generations. It plays a key role in an episode of Rebels, where Hera Syndulla snuck back into her Imperial-occupied home to try to recover this artifact from the clutches of Grand Admiral Thrawn. A Kalikori is seen in Luthen’s shop, suggesting that even though the item doesn’t have sentimental value to him, it is viewed as valuable for a collection.

World Between Worlds

In Luthen’s shop there is also a tablet that features the symbols typically associated with the Father, Son, and Daughter (also known as the Mortis gods) particularly showing up at the portal to the world between worlds in Rebels. This automatically leads to some questions about what this tablet actually is, and what it’s purpose was. I’m guessing we won’t really find that out, but it’s a fun thing to include that gives a nod to The Clone Wars and Rebels in doing so.

Bonus: Plo Koon’s mask?

I’m including this one as a bonus because there’s really no way of knowing whether this is actually legitimate or not; if not it’s just a fun background item, but if so it would immediately jump to the top of my list. One of the other items glimpsed in Luthen’s collection is a breathing mask that certainly looks very similar, if not identical, to the one worn by Jedi High Council Member Plo Koon. If it’s not his, I’m guessing it’s the mask of another Kel Dor figure, because it does very much look like it. If it’s actually Koon’s mask it would cause some questions about how it was recovered after the explosion during Order 66, so my guess is that it’s not actually his but one just like it. Either way, it’s a fun background item to include that will lead to speculation and curiosity.

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