Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Kits revealed for Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Sith Eternal Emperor

Today is the day for the latest pair of Galactic Legends in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

I’ve already written about how, even though the requirements for these new characters are still absurd, many of the other issues with the previous Galactic Legends seem to have been addressed with these new ones. Yes, today, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Sith Eternal Emperor come to the holotables!

Yesterday we got our first look at the kits for these two characters and, as you’d expect, they both look extremely good.

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker

You can read the kit for Jedi Master Luke Skywalker here.

He has strong Jedi synergy and looks to be the single best tank in the game, as he can taunt and protect his allies in a way unlike any other character. He starts off as the wise old Jedi Master we see at the end of The Force Awakens and then throughout The Last Jedi, but with his ultimate ability, he transforms into the Force projection seen at the end of TLJ and rises to new heights. He is absolutely a support character and looks like he’ll be a very tough defensive team when paired with Jedi.

Sith Eternal Emperor

You can read the kit for Sith Eternal Emperor here.

Palpatine, as you would expect, has strong Sith synergy, though probably less extreme than Luke with Jedi synergy. Palpatine is all about attacking, and a big part of his kit is getting him to that ultimate ability. He starts off in the Ommin harness we see him with in The Rise of Skywalker, but then he transforms into the all-powerful Sith Emperor that we see at the end of the film. When this happens he becomes an insanely overpowered attacker who can instantly defeat multiple enemies at once.

These two characters look like they will become the two best characters in the game when released, and though they appear slightly better than the previous Galactic Legends, it’s pretty comparable. I think the animation and art looks fantastic, the kits look good, and things look very true to their characters. I’m really excited about them coming to this game… whenever I get around to unlocking them.

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