The latest Galactic Legends events in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes already look tons better than the last ones!

On Wednesday, October 7, the next batch of Galactic Legends will be released in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Sith Eternal Emperor are coming to the game!

Galactic Legends are the most hard-to-get characters in the entire game and require an agonizingly long farm to even have the right to begin to unlock (and this is especially true of Jedi Master Luke, who is BY FAR the hardest character to acquire in this game). I only say this because, if you aren’t already thinking of playing and are intrigued by this article, it will be a LONG time before you could even unlock these characters, so I’d think twice.

But if you’re already playing, you’re also probably really intrigued by these characters, as I am! I’m quite excited about them – and the trailer that was released only adds to my excitement! On Friday, the folks over at Galactic War Report dropped details on the character kits, but also revealed an exclusive trailer. You can find it below (after they introduce it):

That looks really cool, and let me just say this: it already looks TONS better than the previous Galactic Legends events. If you remember the previous ones, for Rey and Kylo Ren, there was a lot of backlash, and rightfully so: for such an exclusive and long-awaited event, it was very lazily designed. There were a number of issues players had with them, but the most prevalent of them included:

  • You didn’t even need the characters you farmed. Despite having to farm, gear, and relic many specific characters, all you needed were any five of them.
  • The battles were quite bland and boring. In general, there wasn’t really anything particularly exciting about the battles. They were relatively routine and boring. No cutscenes, story elements, or anything like that. Nothing new. Well, for the most part…
  • The duel system was a mess. CG tried to make a unique level, but it was a big swing and a miss. The duel mechanic essentially turned into a glorified rock, paper, scissors game and was not fun.
  • The ticket system was another grind. After the long, hard grind to become eligible for the event, you then had to farm tickets to be able to play the event. So you’d better hope you don’t lose a battle and thus waste those tickets!

But now, with the exception of the tickets (those still remain), it sounds like CG has addressed all those other concerns! You’ll need to use those specific characters this time, because you’re actually playing through important events in the lives of Luke and Palpatine. For example, with Palpatine, you’ll face off against the Jedi in his office. Or with Luke, you’ll complete his journey here, fighting on Jabba’s Sail Barge, then facing off against Vader and the Emperor, then facing off against Kylo Ren on Crait. And, though it’s hard to tell for sure just from the trailer, it sure looks like there’s going to be some actual cutscenes! These battles actually sound entertaining and exciting! Additionally, CG is doing away with the duel system, which is tremendous news!

Now, given CG’s history, I think we have to wait before totally praising this event, because you never know what they might pull, but this trailer and what we’ve heard about the kits has me even more excited than I already was. The events that have followed events from the films are terrific, as for example I think the two Luke Skywalker events so far are the best two events this game has ever had. It looks like these will do that.

And as far as their kits go, I think it’s really exciting and cool how they will “transform” when using their ultimate abilities: Luke will transform to the Force projection seen on Crait, while Palpatine will transform to the version seen on Exegol after draining the life force from Rey and Ben.

And speaking of Ben Solo: HE’S IN THIS EVENT!!! He’s just a re-skin of Kylo Ren’s kit, so don’t get too excited, but let me just say this: CG, PLEASE GIVE US BEN IN THIS GAME!

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