An end-game, free-to-play perspective on just how crazy the Galactic Legends unlock is in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

I am an avid and regular player of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

I have literally logged in to the game every day in the last nearly four years (and I’ve been playing regularly since shortly after the game launched), and only a handful of times in that span have I failed to complete the daily quests. I’m in a fairly high-end guild that is competitive and active in all areas of the game. So my point is that I’m an extremely faithful and regular player.

I also am strictly free-to-play, however (I’d consider paying, but to me the prices aren’t even close to reasonable for what they give you). So of course I’m ok with the reality that I’m not going to unlock everything from day one, although I do miss the days where the most difficult thing about a legendary event was actually farming the characters, as now we’re faced with insane difficulty and ridiculous gearing requirements. But I digress. My point in this post is simply to illustrate one end-game but free-to-play person’s experience unlocking one Galactic Legend.

I began preparing for some sort of event like this several months before the release of The Rise of Skywalker. Given CG/EA’s history, I knew that they probably would try to pull some sort of maneuver to make money (including the certainty of releasing new characters that would be needed), so I threw all of my resources to gearing Resistance and First Order characters. I didn’t solely do this, as there were a few other characters that I geared up and farmed, but I actively did not go after General Skywalker in October 2019. Given the tremendous difficulty of the event I knew I’d have to invest quite a bit more in my characters to have them ready, and so I chose not to pursue him. Instead, I resolved to go after whatever big content was coming for TROS.

So I geared every single one of my Resistance and First Order characters to at least G12, and I also added the veteran smugglers too because I guessed that they’d finally give them the Resistance tags (one of my predictions that actually turned out to be right). So I had every character to 7 stars and at least G12, and from there I began saving resources. I saved crystals in case a mad panic farm was needed, I saved gear in case there was something I hadn’t considered, and I saved zetas (enough to finish the zetas on every Resistance character and some First Order ones, which I have since done). I was ready… or so I thought.

In December, we got the new characters that accompanied the movie, but relatively little celebration around the final film of the Skywalker saga. Of course, at this point, “relatively little” seems to be the motto the developers go by. Then in February, the two new capital ships arrived. Beginning January 29, they slowly unveiled the requirements to unlock Galactic Legend Rey and Galactic Legend Kylo Ren, and the requirements continued being released on February 12, February 27, and March 10. The requirements were insanely high, requiring 15 different characters to be relic’d to various levels, including several to Tier 7. I had been expecting CG/EA to pull something crazy with the requirements, but I hadn’t been expecting it to be this much. So I immediately decided to go for Rey, since I was closer to unlocking her. And I began plugging away – the entire focus of my roster was on getting these Resistance characters farmed up. One problem I did run into was that I had to star up the Raddus (which featured the most puzzling requirements yet) and the two Resistance heroes – the latter of which didn’t become farmable at all until a week before the Galactic Legends event! So even despite all of that work getting ready, no matter if I had been prepared or not, a free-to-play player couldn’t have been ready day one no matter how strong the rest of the roster was. That was a sour taste in my mouth.

But to be honest, the rest of my roster wasn’t ready yet either. I was still relic’ing characters, and it was a drag. The event was released the end of March, and it was the first week of June when my roster was finally ready to even unlock the event!!! So think about this: I am an end-game, free-to-play player who was set up about as well as reasonably possible, with a totally devoted interest in these characters for nine months, and I still was ready to unlock the character three months after its release. That’s where we’re at.

There’s more, though, because then I was just ready to unlock the character! And the actual unlock process was the most unfun event yet, because it was so repetitive and stretched out. So add another week-plus of farming up tickets just to be able to play (not needing all the characters I had geared up), and then having to repeat that over and over until unlock. And then upon unlock, I of course needed the gear to tier up Rey, which is also quite excessive. And then after that, you still have to complete more tiers of the event to grind away to unlock her ultimate ability. Sigh.

So as an end-game player, it will have taken me nearly a year of focus to get Rey. Not all of that time did I know what I needed, and it won’t take everybody that long, but all of that just makes this plain un-fun.

I was really excited to celebrate The Rise of Skywalker in this game, but somewhere along the way, I realized that all of the excitement and fun had been lost, and I was simply left with a shell of the game I used to love.

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