Rumors suggest more Ben Solo content might be coming

Take this with a big grain of salt for the time being, but I wanted to mention some rumors that are going around regarding an upcoming Star Wars project.

Earlier this summer, the guys at Kessel Run Transmissions were the first (and only) people to be reporting that a Bad Batch animated show was coming (something that no one would have just guessed), and it was soon officially announced. So that has earned them some credibility, meaning that I’m pay a bit more attention to what they’re saying now than I previously did. Anyway, yesterday they mentioned that they’ve heard more Ben Solo content is coming!

To add some more fuel to the fire, Cinelinx’s Jordan Maison replied to the tweet alluding to the project being set before The Force Awakens.

Where there’s smoke, there just might be fire. So the fact that these rumors are out there and that multiple people are alluding to them suggests that perhaps something is indeed in the works. Remember that there are always tons of projects in various stages of development at Lucasfilm, so just because something is in development doesn’t mean we’ll be getting it soon, or even an announcement soon, or even that it’ll wind up happening. But it just makes far too much sense to me to explore Ben Solo more, and these rumors are especially intriguing to me.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I would absolutely love more Ben Solo content. And since he dies in The Rise of Skywalker, the most logical time to explore is the years before his fall to the dark side. As it just so happens, I wrote this summer that an animated show of Luke Skywalker training Ben Solo is by far the show I want to see the most. It would give fans the chance to see Jedi Master Luke Skywalker in action, would explore Ben Solo more (which would be well-received), and I’m convinced could do for the sequel trilogy’s reputation what The Clone Wars did for the prequels.

Keep in mind that these are just rumors, and even then that the rumors don’t suggest anything about an animated show, but that’s just me connecting the dots for what would seem most logical. But we’ll see. Like I said earlier, this isn’t a report from one of the major trades, but it does come from people with a bit of a track record, so I guess stay tuned to see whether these rumors turn out to be true. I desperately hope they do!

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