The animated Star Wars show I would most like to see – by far

The end of The Clone Wars means that, for the time being, we don’t have an animated Star Wars show to look forward to – a rarity in recent years.

However, that’s not exactly true, because it seems to be a badly-kept secret that there are more animated shows in the works at Lucasfilm, keeping Dave Filoni busy. He’s even hinted at that in recent interviews. And longtime readers of this site won’t be surprised by me saying this, but anything Dave Filoni does, I’m immediately interested in. So I really can’t wait.

The most likely show to be coming seems to be the Rebels sequel series, which I’d be really pumped about and can’t wait to see. I love Ahsoka, Sabine, Thrawn, and Ezra, so of course I’m interested in seeing their exploits. Additionally, I’d be excited about a brand new series that allows Filoni and his team to create brand new characters, similar to what they did in Rebels, and allow us to watch as they grow.

But there’s one thing more than anything else that I want to see in an animated show helmed by Dave Filoni, and it’s not even a close competition: I want to see a series following Luke Skywalker post-Return of the Jedi.

Though I understand why (to preserve the secrecy of the sequel trilogy), one of the things I’ve been most disappointed about in the new canon is the lack of stories about Luke in-between the original trilogy and sequel trilogy. Again, I get why that is, and I’m ok with that, but now that the sequel trilogy is over, I really want to start getting some more stories about Luke Skywalker. In my opinion Bloodline (focusing on Leia Organa) is the best book of the new canon so far, and it shows just how good the storytelling about the original heroes can get in this in-between period. We haven’t gotten much of it though, and now that the sequel trilogy has wrapped up, I’m hoping for more.

So imagine a show, animated like The Clone Wars season 7, focusing on Luke (and as an extra pipe-dream wish, bring back Mark Hamill to voice the character, since he has plenty of experience as a voice actor)!

There are tons of stories to tell, from Luke’s time training Leia to Luke’s time exploring the galaxy to Luke’s time training Ben and starting his own Jedi Temple. This would allow us to not only see Luke but Ben too, and I imagine that a show like this could have a similar impact on the sequel trilogy’s legacy as The Clone Wars has on the prequel trilogy. There could be plenty of intrigue and excitement as we get hints of the First Order’s beginnings and Luke sensing some ancient evil returning, we could get incredible character development and actually see the relationship between Luke and Ben (making what happens between them all the more heartbreaking), and could delve deeper into the Force than anything Dave Filoni has done before, with the potential of Force ghosts, Luke’s Jedi exploration, Luke’s Jedi teachings, etc.

The potential is all right there. What we know of Luke in-between ROTJ and TFA so far can basically be broken up into four sections: (1) Luke training Leia in the final year of the War; (2) Luke exploring the galaxy, learning about the Jedi and the Force and collecting many artifacts; (3) Luke training Ben Solo and a new generation of Jedi; (4) Luke going into exile on Ahch-To. There’s probably not much to be explored in that fourth section, but any of the previous three would make for some incredible stories to tell.

To be honest, it just makes too much sense in my mind that I can’t really see much downside to doing this. I have full confidence the stories would be great and compelling, since Dave Filoni understands Star Wars and the Force on such a deep level (and Luke Skywalker’s character it seems, too). I think there’s a ton of storytelling avenues, so it would certainly be exciting and intriguing and embraced by Star Wars fans. It’s a time period that hasn’t been explored as much as many fans thought and hoped, so it’s ripe with potential. And like I already said, I think a series like this (especially since it could delve deeper into Luke and Ben) could do for the sequel trilogy (which I absolutely love already) what The Clone Wars did for the prequels. So like I said, it makes too much sense.

This is WITHOUT A DOUBT the show I want to see the most.

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