Jedi: Fallen Order soundtrack to be officially released!

Some super exciting news was just recently announced, as composer Gordy Haab revealed that the soundtrack for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be released!

It sounds like the soundtrack will be released on August 21, so that’s pretty soon! I am absolutely thrilled at this news. Jedi: Fallen Order was a fantastic game, and the score for the game was every bit as good. I got hooked on the score before the game even released, when a clip from the Kashyyyk suite was released, and when playing the game I was continually blown away at just how well the score fit in and how memorable it became. I’ve listened to it quite a bit on Youtube in versions that people uploaded, and I found myself continually checking social media within the first few weeks of the game’s release to see if there was any info about releasing the soundtrack.

I had kinda given up hope on it when this news dropped, so not only am I thrilled, but I’m also surprised – in the best kind of way. I listen to TONS of Star Wars music, and I can’t wait to get this score to add to the rotation. Haab’s work on the Battlefront games and now Fallen Order have been phenomenal, and I’m happy to see this score get some recognition, which it very much deserves.

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