There’s finally a new game mode in Galaxy of Heroes… and it’s extremely underwhelming

For the first time since December 2019, a new game mode has come to the popular mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

The mode, Galactic Challenges, allows players to fight enemy squads of varying difficulties, earning rewards and accomplishing feats by using specific factions to complete these battles. One of the big selling points for this mode is the variety it can bring, as it seems relatively easy to update the mode with new locations and new bonuses, encouraging you to utilize different squads.

This has the potential to be really cool, as it could theoretically be like a mini-raid event, taking you to different locations and having a series of battles with scaling difficulty, all the while encouraging you to utilize different squads and makeups to achieve higher rewards. That’s a cool idea, but sadly, the execution leaves a LOT to be desired.

I want to be up front right away that a huge part of my disappointment from this game mode stems from the fact that we haven’t gotten any new mode whatsoever for nine months. Nothing. And that mode we got nine months ago was the light side version of the Geonosis Territory Battle that had previously been released, and it wasn’t exactly a super exciting event. So a huge part of my analysis of these Galactic Challenges is that we’ve been waiting nine months for some sort of new content. And I’ll be honest: there’s absolutely no universe in which this new content can explain nine months of downright shameful lack of content. Had this been a massive new mode, having switched game platforms and done work to set the game up long-term, I think many could have forgiven the rough year so far. But to have this release? It’s just disappointing.

So a lot of my criticism has to do with the fact that this underwhelming event is what we’ve been waiting so long for. Because basically, it’s an event that isn’t all that creative and features absolutely abysmal rewards. There’s only one enemy team to face, and the difficulty of that team scales based on which tier you battle. The feats grow to be a bit absurd (one of them requires you to have five characters in the faction geared up to at least relic 5), but the biggest problem of them all is that the rewards are downright shameful for a new event like this. Absolutely pathetic. Because of this, I have a hard time seeing the point in getting excited about this.

But while that’s the case now, it doesn’t always have to be. I still think that this mode has potential, but it will take CG actually deciding to reward players for completing these events (perhaps a pipe dream with the studio, but we can hope, right?). This could be a tremendous way of helping to ease some of the gear crunch (remember when the introduction of Kyrotechs was supposed to help with the Stun Gun crunch? LOL!!!). But also, as I mentioned earlier, leaning into this as a kind of mini, individual raid could work well. They could even release a brand new character and have them unlocked by completing various tiers of the event. I’m just throwing out ideas here, but I think the biggest slap in the face with the event is that there aren’t really any rewards that make it worthwhile.

So the only thing this event really has going for it right now is that it’s the closest thing to a sandbox mode we’ve gotten, as it allows you to replay it as much as you want while the event is live, with any squad you want. If we could get more variety in the enemy teams, this could be a cool thing. Many people have wanted a sandbox-style mode, so maybe this is a way to go about that. If so, then we should give credit where it’s due for this event. There’s definitely value there for this event, then, but a lot of work needs to be done for this to even be satisfactory.

Quite frankly, there’s absolutely zero excuse for CG to wait nine months for new content and then have it be THIS – and then to hardly reward players whatsoever for it. It’s another embarrassing effort for the studio. But they did say that they’d be monitoring player feedback during this first round of Galactic Challenges, and I sincerely hope that they made needed adjustments. This mode isn’t worth getting rid of, and with more effort and work put into it, could be a great addition to the game.

Right now, however, it’s hardly worth paying attention to at all.

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