Ming-Na Wen plays the assassin Fennec Shand in The Mandalorian!

Earlier this week, Vanity Fair’s Anthony Breznican (who I’m super happy to see back covering Star Wars) reported on a new character in The Mandalorian, which premieres on Disney+ next week!

Ming-Na Wen will be playing a character Fennec Shand, who is described as an assassin whose allegiance can go either way – but which lies much closer to the dark side since she commits murders for the top crime syndicates.

According to Wen, the name “Fennec” actually tells us a lot about the character too:

“We got our inspiration really from the name. The idea of a fennec fox came to mind. She’s tricky, and yet she’s able to maneuver and survive, and be stealthy—so very graceful and agile. I just love that whole image with the name.”

Wen is most well-known for her roles in Melinda May inMarvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV series and as the voice of Mulan in the Disney animated film Mulan (and subsequent related material). This means that Wen will have played a role in Disney’s three largest franchises, which is pretty cool.

As for her character in this show, we don’t know much of her story (Wen said it will evolve as the show goes on), but we do know that she’s a murderous assassin for crime syndicates who tells the Mandalorian that, “your name will be legendary.” And as a commenter on the StarWarsLeaks subreddit pointed out, her last name is one we have seen before: Crokind Shand was a member of Kanjiklub in The Force Awakens. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a relation there.

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