The original Millennium Falcon is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

ThA new ship is arriving to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes soon: the Millennium Falcon!

The popular mobile game already features two Millennium Falcons in the game, as one is the Episode VII version piloted by Rey and Finn, while the other is the Solo version piloted by young Lando Calrissian and L3-37.  This time, the ship will be piloted by the iconic duo with whom we most often associate the ship, Han Solo and Chewbacca!

This ship will be piloted by the original Han Solo in the game (the one obtained as a raid reward for the Heroic Rancor raid) and the Rebel Chewbacca (the one recently released as an incredibly difficult legendary event requiring bounty hunters to unlock).  The Falcon legendary event will begin on Thursday, January 17, and will require bounty hunters to unlock.

The Falcon’s arrival is no surprise, nor is the fact that bounty hunters are required.  You will need four bounty hunter ships, and right now we only have four of them in the game: Hound’s Tooth (Bossk), Xanadu Blood (Cad Bane), IG-2000 (IG-88), and Slave I (Boba Fett).  These ships are very good and are part of the current meta, so it’s not like they’re wasted farms.  You’ll need four of these ships, and right now there are only four, so the way the post announcing these requirements was worded makes me wonder if there are more bounty hunter ships on the way sometime.  But basically, you’ll need those four bounty hunter ships at five stars in order to unlock the Falcon, and then you’ll need those ships at six stars to level the Falcon up to six stars and you’ll need them at seven stars to get the Falcon to seven stars.  Right now, I think most people (including myself) will be able to get the Falcon to five stars, and that’s fine.  Unlike with characters (where raids are star-locked and stars make a big difference for most characters in arena), ships are far more versatile and usable at five stars.  So it’s no big deal.

You can check out the kit reveal for the Millennium Falcon right here, but here’s the main takeaway: this ship is very, very good and almost certainly will become the new meta, but it really needs to be used in a Rebel lineup (which includes Home One, the least-used capital ship currently).  So it may be a bit limited in terms of versatility, but the ship looks really good.  And I’m excited that this ship is finally coming to the game!

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