Star Wars Resistance: “Bibo” review

Star Wars Resistance has returned from its midseason break, resuming on Sunday with the eleventh episode of season one, entitled “Bibo.”

This episode didn’t really deal a whole lot with the major themes highlighted in the midseason trailer, but I found it to be an enjoyable episode that I am confident will pay off down the road in many ways.

With that said, let’s jump in to review this week’s Neeku-centered episode, “Bibo.”


screen shot 2019-01-14 at 4.05.23 pm

This episode begins with Kaz and Neeku visiting Synara, who has discovered a Z-95 ship from the water, wondering if it contains the parts needed for the Fireball.  Kaz displays an interesting amount of knowledge about this Clone Wars-era ship (correcting Neeku about the model), which catches Synara’s attention due to Kaz’s knowledge of military history.  While they look at this salvaged ship, however, a mysterious, small, smelly creature emerges.  Kaz and Synara are disgusted by it, but Neeku loves it and adopts it as his pet, which he names “Bibo.”  He takes it back to Yeager’s garage, but Bibo keeps escaping and causing trouble all throughout the garage, much to the annoyance of the rest of the crew.  Eventually, Yeager has had enough and tells Neeku that he must get rid of the creature, but Neeku says that if Bibo goes, so does he.  This catches the others by surprise, and Tam runs after Neeku.  She finds him distraught over having lost Bibo, but thanks to a tip from Yeager they eventually find Bibo with the Chelidae and the children from Tehar in the bowels of the station.  This alerts Tam to the children’s existence (though she doesn’t know why they’re there), but Eila (the girl) warns them that something is coming.  She has had recurring dreams about something big coming for Bibo.

Meanwhile, Kaz has gone to see if Synara has found any other salvaged ships, since the one she found was too corroded to help.  Kaz joins her on a salvaging run, unaware that she had just spoken with Kragen Gor, who revealed that Synara’s rescuers were part of the Resistance.  Once they are out at sea away from the station, Synara presses Kaz about who he really is and about his secrets, but this conversation is interrupted by a massive sea creature headed for the Colossus.  Kaz and Synara rush back to the station to warn the others, but no one pays attention until the creature emerges from the water.  Kaz and Synara activate the pirate alarm (which gives Synara the information about where that is located), and Captain Doza orders the Aces to launch.  Synara tells Kaz that she will fix the emergency doors if he takes to the skies to help the Aces, and Kaz takes off and contacts Yeager to prep the Fireball.

Neeku and Tam soon learn that the creature is after Bibo, though they presume that the creature wants to eat the little thing.  Neeku refuses to give Bibo up despite the pestering from others on the station.  While this is happening, Kaz joins the Aces in the skies to try to defeat the creature, though not to much success.  Soon, Griff’s ship is badly damaged and Kaz comes to the rescue to help him land safely on the water and avoid a worse crash – a nice bit of flying that catches the attention of Captain Doza.  Doza authorizes the Aces to use their missiles, but that doesn’t have much effect either.  Neeku, though, realizes that the creature is actually Bibo’s mother, so he tells Kaz to cease fire.  Kaz relays the message to Hype, who relays the message to the rest of the Aces, as Neeku runs out to confront the creature.  He offers Bibo to it, and the creatures disappear into the water.

Afterward, Kaz brings Neeku another creature, this time a gorg, thinking that it would make a nice pet… but Neeku promptly eats it and thanks Kaz before wandering off.


screen shot 2019-01-14 at 3.57.06 pm

On the surface, this is a fun episode that doesn’t seem to have as much significance to what’s going on in the larger galaxy.  It’s largely focused on developing Neeku’s character, which is nice to see.  He is a nice, caring person who can simply be naive at times, and he develops an affection for his new pet.  We see a side of Neeku we have never seen before when he tells Yeager that if the pet goes, so does he.  This obviously impacts Yeager and Tam too, as they do everything they can to help Neeku from there on out.  I love how this episode shows how Team Fireball cares for one another too, as they have a relationship together.  Tam runs after Neeku and accompanies him throughout the episode, while Yeager alerts them of where Bibo might be, and then tells Kaz that they’re not going to let the sea creature get Bibo.  I liked the focus on Neeku’s character.

I also always enjoy when this show features flying, as the animation is simply beautiful during the flying and racing sequences.  Kaz is at his best and most competent when he’s in the cockpit, and we got to see him fly with the Aces in defense of the station here, which was pretty cool.  He saved Griff’s life, and he handled himself very well while flying with the station’s best racers.  I love it whenever we get to see flying in this show, and it was pretty cool to see them trying to defend the station from this sea creature.

While it was a fun episode, one of the things that I have grown to appreciate about Resistance is that there don’t seem to be any true filler episodes; every episode so far has either paid off immediately or soon down the road, and I don’t expect this episode to be any different.  On the surface, this episode is an enjoyable one that focuses on Neeku’s character while giving us some cool action scenes with the pilots.  But on a deeper level, I think there’s a lot here that will be expanded upon in later episodes this season.  For instance:

  • Does Synara know who Kaz is?  In this episode, Synara talks briefly with Kragen Gor, the head of this pirate gang, who informs her that her rescuers are members of the Resistance, showing her an image from the rescue of Poe and the droids.  It is unclear whether Synara is totally convinced that Kaz is actually a part of the Resistance, but she definitely suspects it.  She presses him on how he likes to keep secrets, and I’m sure that his knowledge of military history doesn’t help his case much either.  So far, only Yeager and BB-8 fully know Kaz’s true identity, but others – like Captain Doza, Torra Doza, and now Synara San – have come to suspect things.  I’m curious to see just how much Synara continues to press Kaz on this, and whether finding out he’s in the Resistance does anything to sway her one way or the other.
  • Synara definitely knows about the pirate alarm.  We don’t know for sure how much Synara knows about Kaz, but we do know for sure that she knows about the pirate alarm, thanks to Kaz.  While they’re trying to alert the station about the creature’s attack, Kaz points out the pirate alarm.  This clearly gets Synara’s attention, and they activate it.  One of the doors gets jammed, however, and Synara sends Kaz away to fly while she repairs it.  She does something to the wiring and gets the doors to close, but I wonder if she did anything else?  I find it intriguing that she sends Kaz away right before she messes with the wiring.  She now knows where the pirate alarm is, and she has re-wired it.  I have a feeling that could come into play down the road, too.
  • Is Eila Force-sensitive?  While Neeku and Tam are visiting the children from Tehar, the kids tell of a recurring dream that Eila keeps having.  “When she has the same dream over and over, it always comes true,” Kel says.  Eila has apparently had dreams of something big coming that could destroy the whole station to get to Bibo, and that happens with the sea creature.  I’ll tell you that it’s hard to think of another reasonable explanation than this: Eila is Force-sensitive!  It makes a ton of sense.  She has dreams that, when recurring, always happen.  That screams to me Force-sensitivity, and it would shed more insight as to why the First Order may have been so interested in getting them.  On a related note, when it comes to Eila’s dream, I wonder if there’s both an immediate fulfillment (with the sea creature) and a larger coming fulfillment too.  When Tam asks if Eila knows what Bibo is, the girl responds, “A sign.  Of things to come.  Something very, very big.”  That is of course consistent with this sea creature, but it also could be true of the First Order.
  • Tam now knows… perhaps too much?  One more thing to point out related to the children from Tehar is that Tam now knows of their existence.  She doesn’t really press to figure out why they’re there, only that they live with the chelidae.  But I can’t help but wonder whether all of this information will eventually get Tam in trouble.  We know that the First Order wanted the children, but think they are dead.  What happens if they find out the children are alive?  Perhaps Tam’s knowledge of these kids (and other things, given her proximity to Kaz) gets her arrested (like we saw in the trailer), maybe under the false presumption that she is the Resistance spy?  It will be interesting to see whether this has any relevance to those scenes that caught our interest in the trailer.
  • Kaz has caught Doza’s attention.  One last thing that I think will definitely be relevant down the road is that Kaz continues to catch Doza’s attention.  After his actions in saving Griff, we see that Doza noticed it.  As revealed in an earlier episode, Doza knows that Kaz used to be in the New Republic navy.  So I wonder whether Doza is looking at Kaz with curiosity or suspicion – or perhaps both.  Perhaps this will result in Kaz getting promoted to join the Aces, or perhaps it will cause Doza to become even more suspicious of the young mechanic/pilot.  But either way, I think Kaz and Doza are on a collision course down the road, whether good or bad.

We’ll have to wait until future episodes to see how these things pay off, but I do appreciate that it looks like Resistance isn’t really interested in ‘filler’ episodes.  Some episodes are obviously more significant than others, but this one does a nice job of telling an enjoyable story while clearly doing some things that are going to pay off down the road.

My grade: 8.3/10


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