Taika Waititi is reportedly directing the season finale of The Mandalorian

When it comes to The Mandalorian, no one has come close to covering the show as well and as frequently as Making Star Wars’s Jason Ward.  He’s had plenty of reports that have since proven to be confirmed, and he’s been getting some very intriguing pictures from the set of the show as well.

All of that to say is that when MSW reports something about The Mandalorian, it’s probably correct.  In Ward’s latest article, he has pictures and an update from the set of Taika Waititi hanging out with Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, who Ward say looked to be having a great time hanging out together and having fun.

Head to that link above to see Ward’s full article, but what I wanted to specifically point out here is that Ward mentions that Taika Waititi is directly the season finale.

That’s worth pointing out, because the only thing that has been officially revealed about the directing schedule is that Dave Filoni is directing the pilot.  With Waititi directing the finale, it means that the two best and most established directors on the show are going to be doing the season premiere and finale, respectively (though we don’t know whether they’ll be directing more episodes in-between in addition).  Given this information, Ward surmises that the filming he’s been observing – of the Mandalorian fighting Imperial remnants – must happen at the end of the first season.

It also seems that Dave Filoni is hanging around the set quite a bit, which is not surprising but is encouraging.  Filoni is directing the pilot episode and is an executive producer on the series, and he obviously is the most experienced Star Wars storyteller at Lucasfilm.  His presence is encouraging for the show, because it means that the most prolific Star Wars storyteller out there right now is overseeing the production of this live-action TV show, along with creator and producer Jon Favreau.  I like the fact that Filoni seems to be very involved in the show on a day-to-day basis, and find that very comforting as well.

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