Billie Lourd describes Star Wars: Episode IX as “magical”

In a recent interview with Entertainment Today, Billie Lourd revealed that she’s already been on set for Star Wars: Episode IX and that the film is “magical.”

“I gotta watch myself because the Star Wars PD is going to come get me, but it is incredible,” Lourd said.  “I’ve read the script and I’ve been on set.  I was on set for, like, three weeks back in September, and it is going to be magical. …  I can’t say much more, but I’m so excited about it and so grateful to be a part of it.  Star Wars is my heart.  I love it.”

Lourd is, of course, familiar with Star Wars for multiple reasons.  She plays Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix in the sequel trilogy, but is also the real-life daughter of the legendary Carrie Fisher.  As Connix, Lourd had a role in The Force Awakens as a member of the Resistance, and her role was significantly increased for The Last Jedi (including an in-universe promotion, too).  It’s looking like Episode IX could be her largest role in Star Wars yet, though, as for the first time she was announced as part of the initial cast lineup.

That makes sense, too, given the fact that she was already rising in the ranks of the Resistance even before the heavy losses incurred in The Last Jedi, and that Poe Dameron obviously trusts her significantly.  With Poe likely to have a major leadership role in Episode IX (due both to his character’s on-screen progression and the real-life death of Carrie Fisher), it makes perfect sense that he’d elevate Connix even more.

Whatever the case for her character, though, we now know that Billie Lourd has been on set for about three weeks already for Episode IX in September, and it’s unknown how much more filming she still has to do.  But she’s obviously impressed with the script, calling it “incredible” and “magical.”

We are now less than 400 days from the release of Episode IX, and I can’t wait to see it!

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