The Last Jedi novelization will include new scenes, such as Han Solo’s funeral

The Star Wars Show yesterday had a segment of Rian Johnson talking about the novelization of The Last Jedi, which is written by Jason Fry and will be released on March 6, 2018.

Johnson discussed how as a kid he would ride his bike to the grocery store to get the novel if he liked a movie, and he and Fry then discussed the process of working on the novel at Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Ranch.

The most interesting part of the discussion, however, was about scenes that didn’t make it into the movie.  We already discussed one, as they showed a few clips from a deleted scene involving Rey and Luke on Ahch-To.  But the novel will feature other scenes not included in the movie too, such as Han Solo’s funeral.

A brief shot of part of a page from the novel of Han’s funeral was shown:

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.05.12 AM.png

From this, it looks like Leia gives a speech at Han’s funeral and is inspired by Admiral Gial Ackbar, her old and trusted friend.  That would give more emotional weight to both Leia and Ackbar in The Last Jedi, which in turn could help us better feel and understand the film itself.  Surely Han’s funeral would not have been a big elaborate one, and it’s likely to have taken place just on D’Qar and not on Corellia, as the Resistance is preoccupied by trying to evacuate their base before the First Order arrives – which is the first scene we see in The Last Jedi.  So this likely wouldn’t have been anything elaborate, but it still would give the chance to mourn and remember Han Solo, a Rebellion hero and Leia’s husband, a figure who gave his life trying to save the Resistance and restore his family.  I’m sure reading about his funeral – and Leia’s eulogy in particular – will be touching and emotional.

There will be other scenes included in the novel too, as Jason Fry explained that there will be a scene with Rose and Paige together, and more stuff on Canto Bight – and that’s in addition to the deleted scenes that were actually shot, but cut from the film.  So in other words, it sounds like this novel will be a must-read for those who want to know more about the events and context of The Last Jedi.

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