First look at The Last Jedi deleted scene revealed: “That old legend of Luke Skywalker that you hate so much, I believed in it”

Yesterday, The Star Wars Show gave us our first look at what is probably the most heavily-anticipated deleted scene from The Last Jedi.

If you haven’t seen it, we get only a few glimpses of the scene, but it’s definitely interesting nonetheless (the new stuff begins at the 3:55 mark):

Rian Johnson actually explained the scene to /Film last month, telling what happens – as it is Rey’s third lesson.  Luke told her that he would teach her three lessons, but in the film we only get two.  The reason is because this scene, the third lesson, was cut – because it apparently makes Luke look like an even bigger jerk.  Basically, Rey sees the Caretaker village and sees boats arriving, as well as what looks to be fire in the village.  Luke explains that it’s bandits who regularly come to plunder and kill the Caretakers, and that if Rey were to help the villagers (as she wants to), the bandits would simply come back in bigger numbers later – when Rey isn’t there to protect the villagers.  So the Jedi thing to do, Luke explains, is to not get involved.  Rey doesn’t like this, however, so she takes off running at a super-fast force-speed (which we saw in one of the trailers and in the behind-the-scenes reel), heading toward the village.  Luke yells for her to stop, but Rey slices through one of the doors to the village and is ready to fight… only to find that its actually a party.  Chewbacca and R2-D2 are at the party, and Rey looks at Chewie and says, “Seriously?” before going to find Luke.  She’s pissed that Luke lied to her and he apologizes.  Rey thought the villagers were in danger so she set out to help them, and Luke tells her that’s exactly what the Resistance needs, not an old legend.  That’s the lesson Luke was trying to teach, but Rey responds, “That old legend of Luke Skywalker that you hate so much, I believed in it.”  Luke, horrified, realizes that he pushed Rey too far.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.32.15 AM

Without having actually seen this clip, it’s hard to say for sure whether it actually makes Luke come across as too big of a jerk or not.  But it sounds like a pretty cool scene, and at the very least Rey’s line to Luke at the end of it is something I feel should have been in the movie, as that’s a powerful line and confrontation between a hopeful apprentice and a broken master.  The scene also helps explain why Rey has lost faith in Luke and why she leaves the island shortly thereafter.  This scene would have fit in-between Luke’s second lesson (about the failure of the Jedi and of his own failure) and Rey’s fight with Luke.

Either way, we’ll get to see this scene for ourselves when The Last Jedi gets its home release, and apparently several of the deleted scenes (including this one) are totally finished and even have John Williams’ score with it.  So it seems like at least some of these clips (including this one) will actually be movie-quality, but just didn’t make the final cut.  This is one that I’m sure many people will enjoy and that I’m sure some will hate.  Editor Bob Ducsay told /Film about the scene that its “a very elaborate, involved scene.  And it’s very funny and it’s very good.  And we cut it, I mean, it had actually progressed quite a bit.  And it’s very, very good.”

According to /Film, there will be several other deleted scenes as well.  There’s one of Finn, Rose, and DJ on the Supremacy in an elevator with other troopers – one of whom recognizes Finn and congratulates him on his promotion.  There’s one of Finn’s fight with Phasma, after Finn has defeated her and smashed the hole in her helmet.  Finn tries to recruit other troopers to help him defeat Phasma, and as they look at one another to contemplate what to do, Phasma doesn’t even give them the chance to think – she fires her blaster and kills them all.  We have these scenes and more to look forward to when The Last Jedi gets a home release.  The most anticipated scene for many, however, will be this elaborate scene on the island with Rey and Luke.

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