Galaxy of Creatures returns for a second season on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel

The Star Wars Kids YouTube channel puts out a lot of cute, fun content, which is obviously aimed at kids but is enjoyable to watch for fans who don’t mind that.

One of the shows that the channel produced a year ago was Galaxy of Creatures, which has recently returned with the premiere of a second season! The show follows the droid SF-RE (nicknamed “Aree”) and his trusted droid sidekick CAM, who travel the galaxy studying the various creatures of the galaxy. Think of something like a National Geographic focus on the animals of the world, but in the Star Wars galaxy in these animated shorts for kids.

The first two episodes of the second season premiered on January 17, and there will be two episodes released weekly on Tuesdays through February 21. The creatures studied this season include the Bogling, Eopie, Convor, Gergilla, Kamoradon, Kybuck, Ice Spider, Dianoga, Gundark, Puffer Pig, Ordo Moon Dragon, and Gorgs, obviously including creatures from a wide variety of Star Wars media.

The first two episodes have been released, exploring the Bogling of Bogano (from Jedi: Fallen Order) and the Eopie of Tatooine (seen most recently in Obi-Wan Kenobi):

The first two episodes of the season feature the Boglings on Bogano and the Eopies on Tatooine!

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