Did The Bad Batch just feature a Jedi: Fallen Order connection?

The latest episode of The Bad Batch was a fun adventure episode in the style of Indiana Jones until it took a surprising turn with a robotic walker wrecking havoc.

The heroes of clone force 99 traveled in search of an ancient treasure with Phee, who leads them to a puzzle-filled cave within which is a hidden treasure that pre-dates even the Jedi. But it turns out that by removing the treasure they activate a massive walker, with a blue canon firing upon the planet. And immediately upon seeing it, I was reminded of Jedi: Fallen Order.

The style of the walker looks very similar to the Tomb Guardians on Zeffo seen in the game, from the armor to the blue weapon. So much so that I’m not sure it was a coincidence.

We might not get confirmation either way this season, as I’m thinking that this was a one-off adventure aimed simply at getting the squad – and audiences – more familiar with Phee, but I really hope that this is ancient Zeffo technology that was abandoned on this planet. We know from Fallen Order that the Zeffo were an ancient people who traveled across the galaxy and left tombs and artifacts in various places, but who eventually went extinct (allegedly). A large part of the game is focused on exploring either the planet Zeffo or the trail left by the Zeffo people across the galaxy, so discovering ancient tech like what the Bad Batch found wouldn’t be too crazy. And it would explain why it was left behind, hidden, for someone else to discover.

Like I said, though, I don’t expect to really get confirmation in this show about it. If anything, it could be a fun easter egg for fans familiar with both The Bad Batch and Fallen Order, one that could be confirmed sometime down the road in another format. But as a fan of both, I like to think that there’s some overlap here and that there’s an actual connection, and I’m intrigued by learning more about these peoples and artifacts that pre-date the Jedi. We haven’t seen much of that in Star Wars, and I hope we see more soon.

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