Daisy Ridley seems very open to a return to Star Wars

Daisy Ridley has been back in the headlines recently, having premiered her new film Sometimes I Think About Dying, which she stars in and also produced, at the Sundance Film Festival. With that comes the whole media tour, and of course she’s been asked about Star Wars.

Interestingly, she isn’t ruling out a return to the galaxy far, far away. When asked in an interview with IMDb whether she thinks she’ll ever revisit the franchise, Ridley seemed interested and optimistic. “I mean, I’m open to a phone call,” Ridley said, cracking a big smile. “I’m looking for employment.”

She has seemed to be the most open to returning to her role of any of the ‘big three’ from the sequel trilogy, and her answer suggests that’s still the case. She has kept up a relationship with people at Lucasfilm and has been open about it. For example, a few months ago she posted on social media that she was back at the company headquarters for a lunch, and then she recently mentioned how she’s been talking to someone at Lucasfilm who raved about The Acolyte. So her relationship with the studio continues, as does her interest in returning to the role of Rey.

Adding to the intrigue is a mysterious tweet posted by The Hollywood Reporter‘s Brian Davids on Friday night, perhaps hinting at something Rey-related.

Personally, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Ridley’s return as Rey sooner than later, particularly as Lucasfilm appears poised to roll out a return to theaters in the coming years. Seeing Ridley return to the role, even in a cameo format, would be thrilling and would help to generate additional intrigue for audiences that might otherwise be indifferent to brand new characters and stories. I could even see Ridley’s return being announced at Celebration. All of this is speculation, obviously, but Ridley seems pretty open and optimistic about all of this.

And I would be absolutely overjoyed if that happened. Her portrayal as Rey in the sequel trilogy is brilliant, and I would relish the chance to see continuing stories with the character. All of this is, for now, just a bunch of interesting speculation. But perhaps sooner or later, it’ll be even more than that.

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