New special look at Andor released on Disney+ Day

Happy Disney+ Day! A new special look at Andor has been released, with us just two weeks away from the show’s premiere.

The ten-minute special look begins with some interviews with star Diego Luna and showrunner Tony Gilroy, as they discuss what it’s about and what fans should expect. That then leads into an extended clip of Luna’s Cassian Andor and Stellan Skarsgard’s Luthen talking in an old warehouse. It’s the same scene that was publicly released a few weeks ago, but this time it’s extended and much longer. Luthen questions Cassian about how he stole this Imperial box, and Cassian admits that you can just walk in and take it, acting like you belong.

Luthen tells Cassian that he actually wants him, not the box, and reveals that he knows what happened to Cassian’s father: they took him and hung him in the town square. Cassian draws his blaster and demands to know how Luthen knows it, and Luthen offers him the chance to “fight these bastards for real.” The clip then jumps to another moment, where the police storm the building and Cassian and Luthen fight and escape.

After that, there’s a new teaser trailer that features a montage from Rogue One and new footage from Andor, all spliced together in a way that is especially nostalgic.

The biggest takeaway from all of this is something that many of us guessed, and had been rumored, but it’s that Cassian’s dad was killed by the Empire. Cassian Andor is his adopted name, and we didn’t know about his family or his backstory. But it seems we’ll find out more about that, and it’s tragic.

Andor premieres on September 21 on Disney+ with the first three episodes!

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