New TV spot and promotional video released for Andor as marketing continues to ramp up

On September 21, the first three episodes of Andor will premiere on Disney+, launching the latest live-action Star Wars series on the platform.

The show follows Cassian Andor (played by Diego Luna) and tells the story of how he came to join the upstart rebellion, becoming the rebel spy we first met in Rogue One. With the premiere date just weeks away, marketing for the series has been picking up, and that includes TV spots and other ads. One such spot was released by the Star Wars social media accounts, and you can see some new footage in it as we hear Luthen (played by Stellan Skarsgard) passionately saying that the Rebellion is worth everything.

In addition to this TV spot for the show, Star Wars also released a promotional video featuring Luna explaining where Andor fits in during the Star Wars timeline. That’s a smart idea, as the average fan who might be tuning in to watch likely won’t connect all the dots on when these things happen and might be a bit confused to see Cassian show up again (if they remember what happened at the end of Rogue One). So in this video, we get a minute-long refresher of where this fits in, and it’s well-done.

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