Did LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation tell us what Rey, Finn, Poe, and Rose are up to after The Rise of Skywalker?

In the most recent Lego Star Wars special, Summer Vacation, Finn plans a vacation for his friends aboard the Halcyon.

It doesn’t go like he planned, and he’s sad about it because he envisioned this as a final getaway before each of them go their separate ways. Eventually, he discloses to Leia (speaking with him as a Force ghost) what they each are preparing to do, explaining their future paths. He says:

“We’re all about to go our separate ways. Rey’s headed to the Unkown Regions to search for Jedi Temples. Poe’s training new X-Wing pilots. Rose is off to lead relief missions. And I”m going to scour the galaxy for others like me. Others who are strong in the Force. Who knows when we’ll all be together again?

This special isn’t canon, but at the same time a lot of what is included in these specials are closely related to it and offer very plausible explanations for what could be next. Furthermore, this would be a pretty significant inclusion if Lucasfilm has plans to do something different, as it wouldn’t make much sense. Because of that, combined with the knowledge that this actually makes a lot of sense, I think it’s very possible this is what the canon story will be like too.

Rey heads off to the Unknown Regions to search for Jedi Temples. That’s very similar to what Luke Skywalker has done in canon stories, as he spent years exploring the galaxy and studying about the Jedi before he finally started his own Jedi Temple. In some ways, then, Rey’s path would be almost identical to Luke’s, but I don’t think that’s a big problem. In fact, it makes sense that she would follow the lead of Luke, particularly after the sequel trilogy established Rey’s learning from ancient Jedi texts. And after they led her to the mysterious world of Exegol, it makes sense that she’d want to search for other worlds strong with the Force before starting her own Jedi Temple. I’d hope that her efforts are more successful than Luke’s, but this being the first step of that journey makes sense.

Poe spends time training a new generation of X-Wing pilots, which also makes sense. Poe is the ace pilot of the Resistance (formerly of the New Republic), and he’s a military leader and war hero on top of it. He led a successful squadron of pilots in Black Squadron, and he led battles at Starkiller Base, D’Qar, Crait, and Exegol, among others. So it makes sense that he’d be committed to training a new generation of pilots. This makes additional sense when remembering that Wedge Antilles also spent time training a new generation of pilots after the Galactic Civil War. For Poe to follow that lead is a fun development – especially if Wedge assists him in doing it. I’d love for this to be explored further in Rogue Squadron, but we don’t know when in the timeline that film is set.

Rose leads relief missions, traveling the galaxy to help those in need. This is a perfect development for her character, as her approach to these matters is best summed up with her line, “that’s how we’re going to win. Not fighting what we hate, but saving what we love.” For Rose to spend her time in the post-Exegol galaxy actively trying to help and protect the things and people that they love is great. I could also see this tying into the new government as well, working as an arm of the government to extend aid to those in need – perhaps helping them do better than the Republic and the New Republic did.

And then Finn heads off to search the galaxy for other Force-sensitive people like him. These Lego specials have really dove into Finn becoming a Jedi, and it’s been such a clear push that you can’t help but think it’s intentional. Finn is training under Rey, and he speaks with Force ghosts. So while Rey goes off searching for Jedi Temples, Finn goes searching for potential Jedi. And as he does so, he is in some ways pulling together a new family that he never had before, having grown up in the First Order. He’s looking for others who can make a difference and embrace a new path.

I’m a huge fan of all four of these paths, and I really hope we get more stories elaborating on it. I’m assuming, of course, that this will actually be considered canon, which is no given. But it’s inclusion here makes a ton of sense, and I hope we get some of these stories at some point.

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