Commander Cody will be in The Bad Batch season two!

Big news for fans of The Clone Wars was revealed today when the trailer for The Bad Batch season two debuted at Star Wars Celebration, as it was revealed that Commander Cody will be appearing in the show!

He was glimpsed very briefly in two shots in the trailer that was released to the public, one with his instantly recognizable helmet and the other without it:

But there was an extended version of this trailer released exclusively for those in attendance at the panel, and it explicitly confirmed Commander Cody’s return, with Crosshair talking with him and Cody expressing doubt about whether the Empire was doing the right thing. Furthermore, later in the day at Celebration Dee Bradley Baker gave an interview in which he celebrated the return of Cody after all these years. So yes, it’s official: Cody is back!

That’s something fans have been hoping for, and were actually hoping would come in The Bad Batch for as long as the show has been announced. Cody provides a compelling foil to Rex – who appeared in the first season and, as per the trailer, is returning for season two – in that Cody actually stayed loyal to the Empire after Order 66. But based on the footage shown today, it seems that Cody is struggling with that decision and whether that’s the right thing or not.

I’m super pumped that Cody is back, and further stories with him after the fall of the Republic is something I’ve been hoping to explore for a long time. He was a central figure in The Clone Wars, serving as the Clone Commander of the 212th Attack Battalion under General Obi-Wan Kenobi, and he became a fan favorite. To see him now with the Empire will be interesting, and will open the door to tons of different storytelling options for this season. This is awesome, and really good news!

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