Star Wars Visions is returning for a second season, coming spring 2023!

After the reception to the Star Wars Visions anthology series that was released last year, a second season is in the works and will be released on Disney+ in spring 2023, it was announced today at Celebration!

Visions was a collection of nine episodes, ranging in times, styles, and themes, produced by various anime studios to bring Star Wars and anime together for really the first time. It sounds like there will be different studios involved this time, and that perhaps it might not be exclusively anime, but the idea is to get various animation studios around the world involved in giving a vision of the Star Wars universe – which was the whole idea in the first place.

Because of that the second season of the show won’t be a direct continuation of one continual story, unlike with other shows like The Bad Batch, but it will provide plenty of other takes on the iconic themes that make Star Wars feel like Star Wars. These shorts are not considered canon, which gives them freedom to play around with things as needed.

The first season of the show was very well done, and while certain stories connected more than others for me, they all provided unique tales, animation styles, and entertainment value. I’m really glad that another season is coming, and it was made clear at the panel that there’s a clear future for Star Wars and animation.

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