First trailer for The Bad Batch season two released, coming fall 2022!

The Bad Batch season two is coming this fall to Disney+, and we now have our first look at the new season of the animated Star Wars series!

At The Bad Batch panel today at Celebration the trailer was released, and though it’s only about a minute long, it’s absolutely packed with plenty of stuff to discuss and look at further. You can actually watch it, since miraculously the panel apparently didn’t get the memo that Star Wars isn’t releasing things publicly at this year’s Celebration, and this trailer was posted on the social media channels. Take a look:

There’s obviously a lot in there, and we’ll unpack all of it soon. But note that the crew has a new look, which was highlighted at the panel, and it indicates that a sizable time jump may happen between seasons one and two. In particular Omega has been given an updated look, while the rest of the crew has some different color schemes.

The first season of the show was fantastic and was a great look at how this squad of clones dealt with the quickly changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the fall of the Empire. Season one ended with the stunning destruction of their home on Kamino, meaning that they’re now forging a new place in the galaxy. From the looks of it, this season will explore them recruiting allies and helping those in need. And there figures to be plenty of surprises along with that.

It’s coming this fall, so while we don’t know an official date, that does confirm that it’s not this summer (obviously). This fall is going to be VERY full for Star Wars, which is awesome!!

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