A new Star Wars animated show set in the High Republic era, Young Jedi Adventures, is coming in spring 2023!

Yesterday we heard that the High Republic is quickly expanding beyond publishing, and today it was announced at Star Wars Celebration that a new kids animated show is coming in spring 2023 that is set in this era, Young Jedi Adventures!

Here’s how the show is described: “Set during The High Republic era, the Original Series follows Younglings as they study the ways of the Force and become Jedi: Compassion, self-discipline, teamwork, patience, and friendship.” As it was announced, the showrunners also revealed that Yoda will play a part in the series, training younglings (just like we’ve seen him doing already during the High Republic period).

As for it being a kids series, the showrunners spoke at length about wanting to make sure the animation quality was good and that it appealed not just to kids but to their parents as well, and they are confident that it will. The show will be released on both Disney+ and Disney Junior, which is interesting to note, since this will be the first Star Wars series in the Disney+ era to both debut on the streaming service and simultaneously on a TV channel.

I’m super excited about this, both because it’s a new animated series (yes!) and because it’s set in the High Republic (also yes!).

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