Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, and Chopper will all appear in Ahsoka!

At the end of the Mando+ panel at Star Wars Celebration focusing on The Mandalorian, the team spent a few minutes discussing the upcoming Ahsoka series, which just wrapped its third week of filming. Star Rosario Dawson joined the celebration on stage, but that was just the beginning of the fun.

A teaser for the show (which remember has only been filming three weeks) was shown exclusively to those in attendance, and it showed Ahsoka on board the Ghost, it showed the back of Hera Syndulla’s head, and it re-created the Rebels epilogue in live-action, showing the back of Sabine Wren’s head as she looks at the mural. On stage, Chopper made an appearance, and he will be brought to live-action for the first time ever in Ahsoka.

And, as was reported months ago, Natasha Liu Bordizzo joined on stage, officially announced as playing Sabine Wren.

So both Sabine and Chopper were officially announced on stage, while Hera was glimpsed briefly in the trailer. There’s no information whatsoever on who is playing her, but it seems to be confirmation that she’ll be in the series too! This is amazing, and it’s just the latest confirmation that this upcoming series is going to be the highly anticipated sequel to Rebels – which centers around the quest for Ezra Bridger. Ahsoka is looking for Thrawn, who disappeared with Ezra not long before the events of the original trilogy, and Thrawn is presumed to be a significant player in this Mando-verse at some point down the road.

This is incredibly exciting news for fans of Rebels, which had already become a pillar of this new era of Star Wars storytelling even before these announcements. Ahsoka is coming at some point in 2023, and I can’t wait!

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