The Mandalorian season 3 will premiere on Disney+ in February 2023, Ahsoka also coming next year

We now officially have an idea of when The Mandalorian season 3 will premiere, as it was announced at Star Wars Celebration today that the third season of the beloved show will be coming to Disney+ in February 2023.

No footage was publicly released, but a teaser was shown to those in attendance at Celebration. Among the highlights that have been mentioned by those in attendance include Bo-Katan Kryze sitting on a throne, as well as Din Djarin talking with the Armorer, who is upset he removed his helmet and says he can’t be redeemed since their home has been destroyed. But in the teaser, Djarin says, “We’re going to Mandalore so that I can be forgiven for my transgressions.” The teaser also, apparently, featured plenty of Mandalorians – and ended with Bo-Katan asking Grogu if he thought his dad was the only Mandalorian.

There’s a strong implication, from the sound of it, that Bo-Katan is not happy with Djarin, and that could be an intriguing thread the series will explore. But this does seem to confirm what we all figured was obvious: we’re heading to Mandalore. That will presumably be one of the main plot points of the third season of this show, and I can’t wait.

Additionally, Ahsoka is coming in 2023 as well, and it is currently filming – so Rosario Dawson sent a video from the set. Since no official date was released, since there’s already a show coming early in the year, and since Mando is further along in development, it seems certain that Ahsoka will be after The Mandalorian, perhaps in late spring or early summer. And there is a surprise third series from this Mando-verse timeline coming in 2023 as well, as Skeleton Crew was announced today. The show is directed by Jon Watts and stars Jude Law, and it will take place within the same time period in the Star Wars universe.

So get used to a full year of focus on the Mando-verse in 2023!

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