Three new Star Wars games are in development from Respawn Entertainment, including a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order!

What we’ve all known was coming is now official: the next installment in the Star Wars Jedi franchise is in development!

Lucasfilm Games announced today, in partnership with Electronic Arts, that there are three new Star Wars games in development from Respawn Entertainment, the studio that brought to life Jedi: Fallen Order. Those three games will be the next title in that franchise, as well as a strategy game and a first-person shooter game. Stig Asmussen is returning as game director for the next Star Wars Jedi game, having filled the same role with Fallen Order. Peter Hirschmann (who has worked on many Star Wars games before) is serving as the game director on the first-person shooter game, while the strategy game is being led by Greg Foertsch.

This is exciting news! EA’s exclusive license to make Star Wars games finally ended last year, which has opened the door for several other projects to get moving. This news makes it clear that Star Wars isn’t finished with EA altogether, however, as they are working with Respawn, a subsidiary company of EA. It does sound, at least based on the rumors, that all of EA’s Star Wars projects are being handled by Respawn, meaning there isn’t another Battlefront game in the works. The confidence in Respawn makes a lot of sense, considering the massive success of Fallen Order. It is one of my all-time favorite Star Wars games, and I can’t wait to play the sequel to it.

And yes, this next game will in fact be a sequel, as Matt Martin confirmed on twitter. That was definitely assumed, but given the generic “Star Wars Jedi” title it wasn’t totally clear. But it sounds like this story will once again follow Cal Kestis and the rest of the gang, which is fantastic! I do think, however, that there’s a ton of potential here beyond just this one group of characters. I think the “Star Wars Jedi” franchise could lend itself to standalone installments as well; can you imagine a game like Fallen Order set in the High Republic era, or a game like this set following Ben Solo around the galaxy as he trains to be a Jedi? That would be fantastic. Yet with all of that said, don’t get me wrong: focusing on Cal Kestis is unquestionably the correct choice here, and it’s one I’m incredibly excited about.

This is the latest chapter in what has been a massive resurgence in the Star Wars gaming industry over the past year, as Lucasfilm Games was launched last January as EA’s exclusivity license expired. Since then, a number of games have been announced as being in development: there’s an open-world game developed by Ubisoft, there’s an Indiana Jones game coming from Bethesda, there’s the Knights of the Old Republic remake from Aspyr, and there’s Eclipse from Quantic Dreams. Now, there’s three new games being developed by Respawn, including the highly-anticipated sequel to Fallen Order. And of course all of this is in addition to the long-awaited LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, developed by Traveler’s Tales and releasing on April 5. The coming years look bright, and hopefully it means a return to some of the golden days of Star Wars gaming.

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