Star Wars Eclipse, a new video game set in the High Republic era, was just announced with an epic trailer!

A brand new Star Wars video game has just been announced, and it looks amazing.

Star Wars Eclipse is in the early stages of development from Lucasfilm Games and Quantic Dreams, and perhaps most exciting of all is that it will be set in the High Republic era, which is the first non-publishing announcement for the era – though certainly it won’t be the last. The High Republic has been a massive project and has featured terrific storytelling, and now further stories will be told in the video game realm.

To announce the game, an epic cinematic trailer was released, and as I was watching this I was completely blown away. This is about as good as it. gets for a reveal trailer for a game. Take a look:

According to the Star Wars site, “Star Wars Eclipse will feature an original story and unique new characters, each with their own paths, abilities, and roles to play in the tapestry of events that could alter the carefully balanced peace in an uncharted section of the Outer Rim.” It is described as an action-adventure game in which the player will have plenty of choices in characters and decisions that could alter the story, making it sound like an interactive experience and not quite as linear.

This has been a year of significant progress for the Star Wars gaming world, starting with the launching of Lucasfilm Games at the beginning of the year as the precursor to many announcements and projects to follow. It’s exciting to see new and fresh life being breathed in to this, and like I already said, this looks amazing. It’s hard to tell much of anything about the game itself since this isn’t a gameplay trailer or anything like that, but it certainly builds a ton of hype. That’s the whole point of something like this, and it succeeds with flying colors.

We’re probably still a ways away from ever playing Eclipse, but I already can’t wait to see more.

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