A comic mini-series is coming next year about the Halcyon, in partnership with the new Star Wars hotel at Galaxy’s Edge

Next year, the Galactic Starcruiser hotel opens at Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World Resort! The hotel is designed to be an all-inclusive two-day adventure in the Star Wars universe, taking travelers on a ride aboard the Halcyon, a Chandrilan star-line cruise ship.

Considering that the costs to stay at the hotel will be quite astronomical, however, many Star Wars fans won’t get to live it. But in partnership with the new endeavor, there’s a five-issue comic mini-series coming next year as well about the Halcyon, which is a cool touch that will allow fans to still partake in the excitement over this, even if never able to actually board the ship themselves.

The series is called Halcyon Legacy and is written by Ethan Sacks, who is no stranger to Star Wars comics. In fact, Sacks was the author who wrote the Galaxy’s Edge comic mini-series as well, which tied-in with the launch of the theme park back in 2019. Will Sliney also worked on that series, providing the art, and he’s returning to draw this series as well (and Sliney has plenty of other Star Wars credits to his name, too).

The series will span from the era of the High Republic all the way to the era of the sequel trilogy. According to the post on the Star Wars website, we’ll get a story about Burryaga, a story about Lando and Hondo’s first ever team up, and a story set in-between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker that ties-in to the storyline of Galaxy’s Edge, among others.

Halcyon Legacy will release next year, and I’m excited to read more about this brand-new ship and how it ties in to the larger Star Wars storyline – and I think it’s cool that in doing so we’ll actually get stories from all eras of current Star Wars storytelling! For all of us who won’t get to visit the ‘actual’ Halcyon anytime soon, this will allow us to nonetheless come on board for some adventures.

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