It’s going to cost A LOT of money if you want to stay in the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel

Next year, the first of its kind Star Wars hotel is coming to Walt Disney World Resort, called Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.

This experience is meant to pair with Galaxy’s Edge by continuing the same idea and purpose of fully immersing the visitor into the Star Wars universe. This time, it’ll be on board the Halcyon, a luxury cruise-ship of the Chandrila Star Line. You can check out a teaser for it below:

I’d suggest you go back and watch that teaser again… because for most of us, that’s as close as we’ll get to actually experiencing it! The prices for this experience are almost as out-of-this-world as the galaxy far, far away. Presumably because of the unique nature of the experience and the fact that each person is thrown into the story, the room rates are based on a per-person rate, which simply adds onto an already pricy time. Even if you have just two people staying in your room, the total experience (which includes a two-night stay in the hotel, meals, and a pass to Galaxy’s Edge) will cost nearly $5,000 ($4,809, to be exact). But since most people traveling will probably be in parties of more than just two people, let’s consider a group of four – which isn’t crazy or unreasonable at all, especially given the family-friendly nature of Disney Parks. For four people to have a two-night stay, it’ll basically cost $6,000 ($5,999, exactly).

Oh, and I should probably add that’s what they begin at. It could presumably wind up costing you a lot more, depending on when you decide to go.

This whole experience sounds really cool, but it’s hard for me to justify it as being worth the price tag right now. I’m certainly not going to tell people how to spend their money, and I’m sure all those who go will enjoy it. But this, to me, just seems insanely pricy – and this is coming from someone who is a big fan of Star Wars, of Disney, and of Disney Parks. But hey, I’m excited for those who will get to experience it!

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