There are rumors that Lucasfilm is working on an Old Republic Star Wars film

File this one away very much in the category of “rumor” for now, but it’s nonetheless quite interesting: there are those suggesting that Lucasfilm is developing an Old Republic Star Wars film.

It started with a tweet from Big Screen Leaks that said a Star Wars movie is planned to shoot next year that is not Rogue Squadron, Taika Waititi’s movie, or Kevin Feige’s movie. I’m not familiar with Big Screen Leaks, so I regard that as just a wild rumor until proven otherwise; if it were just that, I wouldn’t be writing an article about it. But before long, Cinelinx’s Jordain Maison and Slashfilm’s Adam Frazier were both seemingly hinting on Twitter about something from the Old Republic, with Maison later adding that he’s heard it’s an original story rather than an adaptation.

Well, with all of this swirling, Star Wars News Net’s Grant Davis reported that the Old Republic film will release in 2023 and that Lucasfilm is close to pushing Rogue Squadron to 2024. The reason given for this is rather innocent, as they’re taking extra time to make sure the script is right – and that’s on top of the other projects Patty Jenkins is occupied with.

So again, take all of this with a grain of salt, but the fact that several different people and different outlets have jumped on this and given various hints, it’s possible that there’s something there. And if so, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise, since the Old Republic era has been one long rumored to be of interest to Lucasfilm. The most interesting aspect of it for many would be whether it’s adapting previously told stories for the big screen, or telling new stories altogether – and my guess is it would probably be the latter while honoring the former.

Additionally, this is the first we’ve heard about Rogue Squadron maybe being pushed back a year. It’s slated to release on December 22, 2023 and be the next Star Wars film, after taking a break after The Rise of Skywalker. In Disney’s current release schedule Star Wars is to have a film release every other December starting in 2023, with an Avatar film releasing in the other years (though I’m skeptical of how long they’ll be able to keep producing Avatar movies). So if it’s actually true that Rogue Squadron will release in 2024 we don’t know how it’ll all shake out, but Disney is no stranger to changing up release schedules, especially recently.

We’ll have to see if there’s any truth to all of this, but it’s yet another reminder that there are a ton of projects in various stages of development at Lucasfilm; it’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan!

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