New Star Wars video released introduces us to Avar Kriss

Yesterday, the Star Wars social media accounts released the second of their High Republic videos, which serve as brief one-minute introductions to various characters throughout the era.

Earlier in the week they released on on Vernestra Rwoh, the young Jedi prodigy who is the protagonist of A Test of Courage. Next up? One of the most notable Jedi from the entire High Republic period, Jedi Master Avar Kriss:

Kriss is one of the central figures in Light of the Jedi, and it sounds like she will have a key role in this era moving forward. In the first issue of Cavan Scott’s High Republic comic series, we see that Kriss is given the duty of Marshall of the Starlight Beacon by Grandmasters Vetar and Yoda, so given the prominence of the station in the High Republic, it seems that the Jedi Master overseeing the station will be a key person in these stories.

And that’s totally fine with me, as she seems very cool and interesting. The video gets into this a bit, but she has some very powerful mastery of the Force and is able to connect Jedi across a battlefield (as she does in the novel at Hetzal, in response to the Great Disaster). But one of the things that I especially liked about Charles Soule’s novel was the way he described how each Jedi views the Force differently, and Kriss views it as music.

I’m enjoying these videos, and I hope they keep them coming!

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