Star Wars video released introducing people to Vernestra Rwoh

The High Republic is a massive Star Wars publishing initiative spanning books and comics, which launched earlier this month. But even though it’s a publishing project, it’s received a ton of attention and promotion from Star Wars marketing.

That includes a video posted yesterday on social media and Youtube, introducing people to Vernestra Rwoh, the Jedi Knight who is the main character of Justina Ireland’s book A Test of Courage. Check out this spoiler-free video:

I think it’s very cool that a High Republic character is being promoted like this, and I think the video is a nice introduction to the character to more casual audiences. Plus, as I’ve said before, it’s always great to actually get to see the character and some of the graphics, so that’s always welcome.

But this video also makes me think of something else: this would be an awesome opportunity for the Galaxy of Adventures shorts to tackle! So far, the series has produced short videos adapting iconic moments from the films. They’re incredibly well done and very entertaining. But this video has me thinking about the potential for Galaxy of Adventures shorts from the High Republic. This would allow us to actually see some of the more notable events from the books, in animation. This would be pretty exciting, but would also be a way to introduce other audiences to the characters and stories of the era. I’d really love to see more video content like this from the High Republic era.

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