The three phases of Star Wars: The High Republic revealed!

We’re focusing a lot on the High Republic this week, as the brand new era of Star Wars storytelling has officially launched!

And it’s an era that we’re going to be exploring for a while, as it’s a multi-year publishing initiative across books and comics that will even venture into the TV side of things (and maybe more?). On Monday, at a livestream panel celebrating the launch of the High Republic, Michael Siglan (the creative director of Lucasfilm publishing) revealed that this project has three phases:

So we’re just beginning Phase I, and it kicked off with a novel by the same name as the phase, Light of the Jedi. Siglan revealed that all of the projects we know about so far are part of Phase I, which runs through 2021 and into 2022 – though he wouldn’t divulge just how far into the year it goes. He said there will be “a steady stream” of books, comics, and magazines coming on a monthly basis.

We don’t know anything about what happens in the later phases (or really, much about what happens in Phase I either!), but it’s pretty awesome to think about how this thing is mapped out already for a long, multi-year era of storytelling. As Siglan said, they’re playing the long game with the High Republic.

While we don’t know anything about these phases, here would be my guess: the first phase features the Jedi in their prime responding to the Great Disaster and the threats posed to the galaxy. Then phase two focuses on the Jedi launching some sort of massive quest that is precipitated by the preceding events, leading into phase three, where the Jedi are tested and we see cracks begin to appear, leading us closer and closer to the fall of the Jedi depicted in the prequel trilogy. But all of that is completely a guess. For the first time in a while, we have a completely clean slate to tell Star Wars stories, so it’s really impossible to predict what happens. And all of that is really exciting to me!

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