Report: Michael Waldron will write the Star Wars film being developed by Kevin Feige

According to Deadline, Michael Waldron has been hired to write a new Star Wars film, the one that is being developed and produced by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

Waldron has written for the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently, as he wrote the script for the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) and is serving as the showrunner and writer for the Loki series on Disney+ (2021). The show will premiere in May of this year, and season two is coming as well – which will also be helmed by Waldron.

Deadline’s report says that Waldron signed a larger deal with Disney that includes both Loki season two and the Star Wars film, and it sounds like other projects are included as well.

This means that Marvel must be really sold on what Waldron has done on these projects so far, as none of them have even been released yet. It reminds me of what Lucasfilm did when they reportedly offered Rian Johnson the opportunity to direct Episode IX, and then gave him a new trilogy when he turned that down, before The Last Jedi was even released. A display of faith like this isn’t all too common, but we can only hope that it works out as well as that decision with Johnson did.

And given the fact that these projects he’s worked on have been under Feige’s watch as the head of Marvel Studios, Feige would have a lot of familiarity with his work and how he does things. So it makes perfect sense that he’d bring someone he knows to work on his Star Wars project, which still seems several years away.

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