There’s a very interesting tease about Titan Squadron’s next mission at the end of the Star Wars: Squadrons campaign

In the final Imperial mission of the Star Wars: Squadrons campaign, the Empire has seemingly won a major victory at the Ringali Nebula, having devastated the New Republic Starhawk and seemingly killed the Republic officer Lindon Javes.

Upon hearing this news, Terisa Kerrill – who has a personal vendetta against Javes and captains the Star Destroyer Overseer – orders all Imperial ships to jump to hyperspace, leaving the New Republic forces for dead. But the other Imperial ships refuse, instead opting to completely eradicate the enemy. Kerrill doesn’t stand for this nonsense, and the Overseer jumps to hyperspace – along with Titan Squadron.

That’s not the end of the campaign (the final mission is from the perspective of the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron), but it is the final mission for the Empire’s Titan Squadron. So the mission then ends with a concluding cutscene, and then the typical “mission completed” screen appears, showing what medals the player did or didn’t earn in that mission. In the description, however, the final sentence caught my attention:

“Rumor says Admiral Sloane plans to reward Titan Squadron with a new mission – in the Unknown Regions.”

So that’s quite significant. At the end of the day, that probably is just leaving the door open for further stories with Titan Squadron, but the specific nature of that rumor is enough to pique my interest. Just think about what we know.

Following their defeat at the Battle of Endor, the Empire was thrust into chaos, with various officers rising up to claim power. But one of the true leaders of the Imperial remnants was Rae Sloane, who had risen through the ranks and eventually was given the rank of Grand Admiral in the months following Endor. She is the one who initiated the fake peace talks with the New Republic, and she is the one who helped wipe out the mysterious Gallius Rax, the true force behind the Imperial remnants, at Jakku. Following the Empire’s defeat there, effectively ending the war, Grand Admiral Rae Sloane took Brendol Hux and other Imperials into the Unknown Regions, where Sloane would help found the First Order.

In light of all of that, then, I think it’s very fair to wonder whether it’s all connected. If Sloane sent Titan Squadron on a mission to the Unknown Regions, I think it’s very likely that they would be part of the Imperial forces that Sloane joins, which in turn grows into the First Order. The other option is that they’re sent in search of Thrawn, and while it would make some sense for the Empire to want such a brilliant mind back as they desperately fought to stay alive, there’s really nothing that we’ve heard that would possibly suggest they were spending time searching for him. They had a few other things on their mind.

So if you ask me, it certainly sounds like the end of the Imperial section of this campaign sets it up with the tease that Titan Squadron might be heading into the Unknown Regions, where perhaps they were part of the First Order’s foundations. It’s all very intriguing.

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