Gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons released!

Tonight, the Gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons was released!

The new Star Wars video game was announced last week, and on Monday we saw the first trailer. The game will release October 2, 2020, and will put players in the cockpit of iconic Star Wars ships during the final year of the Galactic Civil War. Check out the trailer focusing on gameplay, explaining what the actual game modes and play will look like:

I think this looks amazing, and I can’t wait to play it! The single player campaign is really intriguing – we got a look at both Hera Syndulla and Rae Sloane in this trailer!! – and the multiplayer modes look like everything we could want in a starfighter game. It’s been a long time since we’ve had this kind of game, and I’m really looking forward to it.

This trailer details not just the single player campaign but also the other game modes. There’s a Dogfight mode, featuring 5v5 combat, and then the main mode: Fleet Battles. This mode can be played online with friends or against AI, and it is broken up into different phases. First, you determine your strategy with your teammates. Then the battle begins, and the first phase is a dogfight. Then it moves to attacking or defending smaller capital ships. And then the third phase is attacking the enemy flagship. There seems to be a lot of strategy involved, including whether to press the attack or stay back to defend.

Additionally, there’s a lot of customization that can be done in this game (with everything unlocked in-game), including your pilot’s appearance, your ship’s look, in-cockpit cosmetics (we see an Ewok bobblehead in a cockpit!), and upgrades to the ship.

All in all, I think this game looks great and I’m really excited for it. It probably won’t be the biggest game, but the modes that it does have look really promising and like what starfighter fans have been hoping for.

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